watching hoops

As some of you know, I am a basketball fanatic. I think this is just about the best basketball video I've ever seen.


  1. YouTube, the service that hosts the video, is down right now... hopefully the video will pop back in once they get their act together

  2. OK, just a couple of background points (Lawrence seemed to enjoy them) for you all about this incident. The kid, affectionately called J-Mac, is entertaining offers for a movie about the game and his life. The high school is the home court for former NYS Player of the Year, Syracuse University star and NBA player (for a while) John Wallace, whose jersey has not, as of this writing, been retired, though there is talk of retiring the number "52" worn by J-Mac. The opponent was Spencerport, whose 2nd and 3rd string players in the game at the time did not know that the kid was autistic and were playing (or trying to play) legitimate defense against him. The team plays for their Sectional Championship tomorrow night (3/4) against the #1 seed, Irondequoit, with their secret weapon (J-Mac) back in street clothes on the bench, serving as manager and inspirational leader.

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