Do you want to make your RIA posts into a book?

A new company called Blurb can help you - worth a look for those of us who have been on the site a long time.


  1. And what percentage would RIA demand for all those quotes they take ownership of when a user posts a comment?

    And do users need permission from RIA to publish such an item given RIA claims ownership over them?

    But at least RIA can ignore the user when they publish a book of "Most Amusing Ratings" etc...

    Good old capitalism and theivery at work.

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  3. Lawrence... You are an alright dude. I am glad to see you have taken the heat so well. Thick skin is not an easy thing to come by or maintain and you definitely have it.

    And believe it or not I do wish you well. Despite our differences I always appreciated the effort RIA requires. I don't think many really grasp just how demanding it can be.

    The costs can be measured in server and other costs but there is certainly a price to be paid mentally and emotionally for even attempting such a site.

    I will likely never completely shut up because I have certain issues. I have the same issues with MANY websites but I developed a personal interest in RIA. Ultimately that is a good thing. Few sites impress me and I have been to damn near all of them.

    I just hope you strip away all the BS. Not the stuff I think is BS (because my view would be so extreme) but the common sense integrity and quality stuff.

    I'll keep watching.

    And you told me one thing a while back that DID mean a lot to me...

    I can't say if it is true but you also try not to ego stroke so I take you at your word that I was your wifes favorite reviewer.

    Somehow I think that is no longer true and it is likely deserved result. But I did appreciate it.

    One thing I always wondered and tried to discover was her user name. I KNOW she has one. She HAS to have one for several reasons in my mind. Be that as it may I was never quite sure but had a few guesses.

    I hope you keep her happy. In your life I am sure she is what matters most (kids too if you have any - I don't believe you do as yet). Enjoy Lawrence. Just work on that site quality!