Race Based Weblists

I'm not a fan.

Historically, we've deleted them as, without exception, they have ALWAYS deteriorated into non-constructive hate speak.

We've allowed GTH's list to last longer than most, as it was built on the premise of "contributions to society," but even so it is treading on thin ice.

I'm going to let this particular list stand as I almost always believe it is better to discuss something that let it fester unsaid, but I'm not going to allow a outpouring of race based weblists.

Fortunately, there are lots of places on the Web where those with the desire to do so can rant about race.


  1. The Candasucks lists bashing white people is rather offensive as well. I didn't bother to read the commentary so it may not have devolved into the crap this list referenced but they are all the same and all eventually magnets for nonsense.

    Ban them all.

  2. "let this one stand"

    That is part of the problem I always had. Exceptions. Being the hard*ss I am means I don't believe in exceptions.

    Not with regard to issues such as this. To allow one makes it all the harder to explain why another will be purged.

    It gives an air of favoritism. Why should the list referenced here stand?

    Because of who the creator is and so they won't be pissed off?

    So the users who have participated won't whine over "free speech" issues?

    So those users also won't whine over lost helpfuls associated with that free speech?

    The excuse (reason) given is:

    " it is better to discuss something that let it fester unsaid"

    To that I have a few thoughts... The first being the obvious question:

    When and the hell has race EVER festered unsaid?

    I won't rehash all the exmaples of why that makes absolutely no sense but get real. All one needs to know why it makes so little sense is to read a quote from the same post:

    "they have ALWAYS deteriorated into non-constructive hate speak"

    Which is exactly why NO EXCEPTIONS should be made. Allow them all or ban them all. You can't have it both ways. The fact this list is GUISED in better wording and seeming purpose than others in no way changes the reality of allowing it to stand.

    The banter on the list is so pathetic with regard to "debate" that it was only equalled and surpassed when Irishgit came to a buddies rescue. Demeaning ALL sides for a "boring" flame war but ensuring he stays buddies with Randy by more or less taking his side (another great example of his effort to play all side - take note of that RM).

    I can't imagine a legitimate reason being given as to why this list should stand. I certainly think the one given makes no sense and the post itself more or less contradicts itself.

    Be that as it may the simple fact is there are MILLIONS of places to discuss race on the internet and in the every day world. hat doesn't mean RIA has to allow it. In ANY way.

    It can be VERY difficult to get a decent book review or a trustworthy movie review. There are certainly several quality sites to choose from on those issues but RIA does have a chance to be one of them.

    But can it ever truly be a place for repuatable reviews, commentary, and opinions when such ridiculous lists are allowed?

    I have advocated a LONG time a move towards more quality. The ratings, and therefore the comments that support them, MUST have some amount of respectability. Some amount of integrity and quality.

    The free for all that currently exists just doesn't allow for that.

    I suppose it may bring in more hits and if the goal is simply to make money so be it. But if anything resembling legitmacy is to be found the lunacy has to be governed and controlled. Severely curtailed in my view.

    Reasonable men may disagree on various aspects of "quality", "respectability", or even "integrity" but there is no way I can be convinced that the race list referenced here and many others on the site would get even a majority vote on those characteristics.

    So this is not an issue of my wanting to control or dictate. Personally I think if common sense were used not only would there be a massive purge of weblists but the site would grow because of it.

    Once the site establishes a desire for quality that regulars and new visitors alike can EXPECT things will improve quickly. But ask even user such as numbah about "quality" of not just their own lists but the site in general and they make give you a blank look.

    Irishgit certainly mocks the site along those lines. In the back of his own mind he likely thinks the only quality found on the site are the comments made by him alone. But he is making money now from his efforts. He was never going to leave but now he has more reason to work harder. Heh.

    Contradiction and hypocracy at its finest.