Baseball Compatibility Test Now live

Check it out on MySpace or Facebook.

General Compatibility Test

Guys, I made some tweaks to the general compatibility test on MySpace and Facebook. There was feedback that some of the items were too obscure for a general test, so I replaced several items with more mainstream things.

So, if you login to the app on Facebook or MySpace, please take a few minutes to complete the remaining items of the general compatibility test.


This is cool

Trebon is my friend on Facebook and on MySpace. We both took the Star Wars Compatibility Test.

Now when I open the RateItAll App on either Facebook or MySpace, I see my compatibility score with Trebon... it's like RateItAll + MySpace + Facebook is all one site.

Star Wars Compatibility Test Live

The Star Wars Compatibility Test is now live on Facebook and MySpace. Many thanks to Numbah for his advice and counsel in this area.


and we're back...


Site Maintenance is Beginning Now...

.... we are estimating 30 minutes.

MySpace Testers - I'm Ready for You

Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in testing RateItAll for MySpace - it appears that a lot of RIA'ers also have MySpace accounts.

So here's what I would like you to do:

Step 1

Login to your MySpace account and go the RateItAll for MySpace page (we call this feature "Compatibility").

Step 2

Add the app ("app" stands for "application" / feature) by clicking the big button.

Step 3

* Before doing anything, merge your RateItAll account with your RateItAll for MySpace account*

You can do this by clicking the "My Reviews" tab, then clicking the "Join RateItAll and share ad revenue...." link in the right hand column.

Then scroll down and fill out your RateItAll login information in the "merge accounts" section and hit "Merge."

(make sure NOT to join RateItAll again by filling in the info at the top, only fill in the "merge" section)

Step 4

Have at it. Try a compatibility test. Try the search engine. Try reading and writing reviews.

Anything you post on MySpace will show up on RateItAll under your regular account (and on the recent reviews page), and you can accumulate helpful / funny / agree votes on MySpace from friends who have the Compatibility App that go to your RateItAll totals.

Once your MySpace friends add the Compatibility app, you'll be able to see their reviews (and award helpful votes), via the "Friends' Reviews" tab.

Stuff that does not yet work

Currently, none of the invite tools work (MySpace hasn't turned this feature on yet). So if you finish a compatibility test and check the boxes next to the names of your friends that you want to invite, they WILL NOT receive your invitations. The only one to invite them currently is to manually send them a message with the link.

We also don't yet have a Profile Module to display your reviews and compatibility tests - that should be coming in the next few days.

Please give it a whirl and let me know what you think....

Scheduled Maintenance Tonight: 1:30AM EST

Guys, we're dropping some more memory into our new database server late tonight. This shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. Really.

Video Game Compatibility Test Now Live on Facebook

We've just launched a Video Game Compatibility test for our Facebook app. Many thanks to RateItAll member ILikePie who contributed many of the suggestions for this test.


How to Merge Your RateItAll account with your Facebook RateItAll Account

1) Go go Facebook and open the RateItAll Compatibility App.

2) Click on the "My Reviews" tab

3) In the right hand column, click on the link that says "Join RateItAll"

4) Scroll down and fill in your RateItAll login information in the section that says "Merge your Facebook account...."

That's it, your done.


Back Up!

OK, we're back up.

At about 7:30AM this morning we tried to replace a damaged drive on the database and the system would not detect the new drive. When we went back to the damaged drive, it wouldn't detect that one either.

So we had to replace the whole database server. What was supposed to be a 15 minute exercise turned into an all day affair as we scrambled for and configured new hardware. Data was restored up until about 27 hours from the time the site went down - anything that was posted after around 2AM EST yesterday has been lost.

We will also be running the db on 2GB of memory for the weekend (it was 4GB), but will be ramping up to 8GB on Monday or Tuesday. The site might be a little sluggish until then.

We're taking steps to ensure that this doesn't happen again, including refining our db backup process.


What was supposed to be fifteen minutes of downtime has turned into a larger exercise. We're still working on swapping out the failed drive on our database. It might be a while.

Down for Maintenance

Guys, we're replacing a faulty drive on the DB. We should be back up shortly.


Have a MySpace account? I could use some testing help

Hi All, we are very close to rolling out a RateItAll feature for MySpace. It might be as early as tomorrow.

If you have a MySpace account and would like to try out this brand spanking new feature, please let me know... by messaging me on the site, sending me an email, or commenting on this post.

The new feature basically allows you to do RateItAll stuff - rate things, read reviews, accumulate helpful votes, take compatibility tests - all from your MySpace account.


New RateItAll Group on Facebook

Guys, I've found a better tool for us RIA members to find each other on Facebook - it's the RateItAll Group.

It's an open group - anybody with a RateItAll account can join.

Join Us.

Music Compatibility Test is now live

We've turned on a Music Compatibility test on Facebook. It's a long one - 28 items I think - but should give you a good idea of who your musical neighbors are.

As always, to check your compatibility, add the RateItAll Reviews App on Facebook, and become a fan of the app on the same page so that other RIA'ers can find you.


Fix to Compatibility Tests

We've just rolled in a fix to the compatibility tests. There was a problem with how we displayed compatibility test results - if somebody "skipped" an item on the test, our system was not processing a friend's compatibility score. So even if you finished a test and your friend finished the same test with a skip, the compatibility score was not being generated.

We've fixed this now so that the system is smart enough to accept "skips" and still crank out scores.

However, in order for this fix to take effect on tests that you've already taken, you have to go back and finish the tests you've already taken - choosing the "skip" option is fine now.


More Tests!

We now have a Spain compatibility test, courtesy of Jose the Wonder Intern, and a St Patrick's Day compatibility test.


Movie Compatibility Test Live on FB!

Check it out.

This link will only work if you have joined Facebook already and added the Reviews feature.

RateItAll on MySpace

We are working very hard to build a RateItAll feature for MySpace that will let you do cool things like post reviews, read your MySpace friends' reviews, and check your ratings compatibility against your friends.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, my goal is to make RateItAll available on ALL of the sites that folks spend their time on - blogs, Facebook, MySpace - it shouldn't matter. I want you to have access to all of your reviews, and to be able to accumulate helpful votes wherever you spend your time on the Web.

Stay tuned....

Compatibility Test Results Now Displaying on FB Profile Pages

Check it out


Lots More Compatibility Tests on FB

We've launched a few more compatibility tests for our Facebook App:

  • March Madness Compatibility
  • Test in Men Compatibility (I did not make this test, not that there's anything wrong with that)
  • NBA Compatibility
  • Web 2.0 Compatibility
We have more in the works as well.... Star Wars (thanks for the suggestions Numbah), Movies, Music, etc..

To check them out, add our FB app.


I am 64% Politically Compatible to Wiseguy

That seems to be about right.

Want to test your own compatibility against me or Wiseguy? Go get the RateItAll for Facebook App, find us here, and challenge us to a compatibility test.

We also have compatibility tests for beer, the NBA, San Francisco, Taste in Women, and more....

If you are on Facebook....

.... please become a "Fan" of the f the RateItAll App here. This way RIA regulars can find each other on Facebook.

Also, feel free to post your RateItAll nickname in the thread so that folks can decide whether to add each other as friends on Facebook.

Why would you want to be friends with RIA'ers on Facebook? Because we have these cool Compatibility Tests on RateItAll for Facebook that allows you to check how compatible you are with other folks in things like Politics, Taste in Beer, etc.

Wiseguy is completing the politics compatibility test now... and we'll find out once and for all how politically compatible we are. I'm not overly optimistic that we're going to be very compatible :)



Is going on live on RateItAll's local business review directory.  Here is the Tampa Directory.

Let me know if anybody else has city requests - Twansalem has been adding stuff to Iowa City and it's starting to take shape.