MySpace Testers - I'm Ready for You

Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in testing RateItAll for MySpace - it appears that a lot of RIA'ers also have MySpace accounts.

So here's what I would like you to do:

Step 1

Login to your MySpace account and go the RateItAll for MySpace page (we call this feature "Compatibility").

Step 2

Add the app ("app" stands for "application" / feature) by clicking the big button.

Step 3

* Before doing anything, merge your RateItAll account with your RateItAll for MySpace account*

You can do this by clicking the "My Reviews" tab, then clicking the "Join RateItAll and share ad revenue...." link in the right hand column.

Then scroll down and fill out your RateItAll login information in the "merge accounts" section and hit "Merge."

(make sure NOT to join RateItAll again by filling in the info at the top, only fill in the "merge" section)

Step 4

Have at it. Try a compatibility test. Try the search engine. Try reading and writing reviews.

Anything you post on MySpace will show up on RateItAll under your regular account (and on the recent reviews page), and you can accumulate helpful / funny / agree votes on MySpace from friends who have the Compatibility App that go to your RateItAll totals.

Once your MySpace friends add the Compatibility app, you'll be able to see their reviews (and award helpful votes), via the "Friends' Reviews" tab.

Stuff that does not yet work

Currently, none of the invite tools work (MySpace hasn't turned this feature on yet). So if you finish a compatibility test and check the boxes next to the names of your friends that you want to invite, they WILL NOT receive your invitations. The only one to invite them currently is to manually send them a message with the link.

We also don't yet have a Profile Module to display your reviews and compatibility tests - that should be coming in the next few days.

Please give it a whirl and let me know what you think....


  1. One thing I noticed, the reviews made on MySpace do not show up on the RIA.

  2. Jason, the link doesn't work.

  3. LMorovan, your reviews should be posting simultaneously on RateItAll. Can you check to make sure this is happening? Also, "jason" is a spammer, probably a machine.