With some help from SilverFox, we are revamping our wine sections. We're expanding what was once just two lists - red and white - into lists for each of the primary varietals. You can now browse things like Cabernet Sauvignon reviews, Merlot Reviews, Chardonnay Reviews, Sauvignon Blanc Reviews, and more... feel free to add your favorites to our new wine reviews channel.


New List - Community Colleges

We've just added a section for Best Community Colleges. If you are familiar with any Community Colleges, please add them to the list!


Swapping Columns

You may have noticed that on the list and item pages, the columns are reversed. This is intentional - we're just doing a little a/b testing to see what happens.


RateItAll Bloggers.... You Are Invited

Any RateItAll member who is also a blogger and would like to participate in the closed beta of our new blog feedback / community widget, shoot me a note.

I'll hook you up.