Heroes of Turin

We've set up a list of the heroes of the Turin Olympic games. Let me know if I've missed anyone.

On my recent flight home from Chicago, I watched about thirty minutes of riveting curling action. It's better than just sitting there, I guess. Here's the entire list of winter games events.


  1. Would somebody PLEASE explain to me what curling is about? And what are they doing with those funky little brooms? Was alcohol involved in the conception of this game?

    I had brought in a doctor and a technician with me in the breakroom of where I work, where I was watching this event, and none of us could figure this out.

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  3. Well Kamy, the only curling I know anything about involves steam rollers or a curling iron.

    Frankly, I'm convinced the Olympics were invented merely to screw up my evening TV viewing.

  4. Here:


    Not exactly a mindblowing sport to behold but in the 1500's a few large rocks and a circle or two in the frozen lake might help the winter move along a little faster and with less boredom.

    It certainly was cheap entertainment. A better way to spend time compared to some modern forms of cheap entertainment.

  5. Thanks for the link, but even READING about curling makes my brain cells want to commit suicide.

  6. I was wrong then... It IS mindblowing. Just not in a good way.