Long time RateItAll reviewer PBeavr has requested complete removal of his account. We honored this request last night, and all of his comments, helpful votes, ratings, etc, have been deleted from our database. You should see the top 100 list of most helpful reviewers reflect this change in the next couple of days.

I'm sorry to see PB go, but my sense is that he needed to move on. Per his request, his Weblists are now housed under a "PBeavrsGhost" account.

I wish PB well!


  1. Thank you.

    The "harrassment" as some may have viewed it will now end.

    To users I request that any references to me be removed. Whether it is a suggestion for a list such as "Suggested by PBeavr" or the now nonsensical "I have to disagree" with PBeavr rebuttal.

    Over time I am sure references to me as a user on the reviewer list and on the weblist maker one will be removed as well.

    Now I will have more time to spend annoying my family and harrassing other internet sites. I am sure they are all grateful.

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  3. Well, good luck to you PB. Glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking!

    I have to be honest with ya though - while I will be happy to delete any references I may have made concerning you over the years as they crop up, I don't plan on spending much time deliberately seeking them out.

    Take care ~ (o;~

  4. Well hell... Don't delete comments. I can take the criticism. I'd rather the comment be there for all to read (including me).

    At any rate...


    I have not explained myself to very many and frankly don't think I need to do so. I handle myself in a way I can respect and always try to do the right thing. At leat my own sordid view of what that is.

    And I will say now that you are one of the few raters I truly respect. You have lived through many reviewers and events on that site and did so with extreme class. You withstood my presence rather well also.

    I am quite pleased overall now. I am sure various happenings soured many peoples view. Not just of me but of other's. Still, Lawrence is a good guy. I understand many of his dilemmas. I just disagree on many ways to handle them or avoid them.

    I have a BLOG. I use it for only two things now. One is college football.

    Over time I wil post something on you. It may be of little interest to you and to others but since when did I concern myself with people's actual interest in what I have to say?

    To this day my wife hears it. And if RIA felt harrassed or otherwise nuisansed by me imagine what she endures. Heh.

    So I will say my piece on you when I get a chance. Lawrence is extremely grateful to have you as a reviewer. And were he not bound by issues related to his owning the site he might even say how you are EXACTLY the type of reviewer the site needs.

    There is so much BS around the internet and that site but if RIA was made up of 50% "Castlebee" type reviewers instead of so many "non" Castlebee types it would rock.

    Reviews would have meaning and quality/integrity issues would be almost non-existent.

    I cna tyr to explain what a "Castlebee" type reviewer is another time. For now let's just say that the site does NOT need a hard*ss like me or many of the other characters from the top 10 list.

    I am sure you like most of them well enough but there is enough fraud and deception on that site to fill satans quota for a millenia.

    I aplogize that you lost so many helpfuls as well. And you don't need to express how little they matter to you. YOU are ONE of FEW reviewers I can say without hesitation that is true.

    Still, I personally believe you should be #1 at the site. You earned it. You aren't the egotistical type and I am sure you won't "agree". But spare me the excuses for others ahead of you and those that may surpass you.

    Given the time, not just in comments posted but in dedication to the site, you earned that #1 spot.

    And I busted my rear to keep you there because 9as I mentioned before) I try to do the right thing. And the tight thing is for you to be #1. Not some overbearing hard*ss like me or some pompous windbag like Irishgit.

    God forbid that Numbah overtake you.

    And while many of those people may dislike my comments it is an assessment of the internet site itself and the participants. I am sure all in the top 10 have some amount of good quality in real life. I am also sure there is some amount of genuineness to the persona presented at RIA.

    I don't dislike the people. I don't evne know the people. But unlike you, who truly doesn't care about helpfuls or their "place" (deserved or not), many of them do care but are too cowardly to admit it.

    And while I don't particpate in the site anymore I do monitor it. As much as I'd like t restore those helpfuls I gave you I don't think that would be right. It isn't my way.

    Hell, I thought it was right that my lists, helpfuls and EVERYTHING go with me. To some extent that has finally happened.

    And if Irishgit has a sense of right he would step down, resign, get purged as well so you can be back where you deserve.

    Ha. I know it is trivial but I have heard far too foten from MANY on that site just how little helpfuls mean. Especially from him. Someone who swears they have no use for the site or its users.

    But I am still waiting on the day he puts up. He sure as hell won't shut up.

    Nearly all of that matters little to you I am sure but I am not the only one from the site who believes it.

    You just keep handling yourself as you always have. One of the few gems on the site and one to be thankful for. We never spoke much. At first it was out of due respect. I did not know if I was even worthy of interaction with a site collosal. And later out of embarrassment. It isn't always easy being a hard*ss like me.

    Even when making a list suggestion to you I wondered if it was being added out of pity or some other silly reason.

    Between you and Twinmom101 RIA has an enormous resovoir to utilize for quality and integrity.

    Coming from me that should be high praise. heh. Having surfed the net as long as I have I always find it interesting to find people like you and Twinmom101.

    Good luck and take care.