Today's Game: Snake


  1. Perhaps this one proves that I still have nothing close to a real personal life.

  2. By the way...

    Playing with Lawrences Snake is not something I imagined ever saying. And odd to admit I have enjoyed it.

  3. I love the damned and determined type.

    Getting closer...

    Good luck

  4. I can't get Lawrence's Snake to grow at all. It ends up getting all twisted in a knot. I think I'm doing something wrong. I just can't score.

  5. Sorry, Lawrence, I can't handle your snake. It's got a mind of its own.

  6. Rar!

    Unfortunately I have become quite adept at making that LRA tattoo on his snake grow to spell out:

    Little Rock Arkansas

  7. So close.

    I guess they still have a ways to go.

    I could provide a few pointers on how to improve the score. it isn't just a matter of luck.

  8. I think 3500 is possible. That score over 3200 didn't have the best setup and I made a few bad moves. 3500 would be about the maximum I could get even with a near perfect setup.

  9. We're getting into rarified air here - I think 4 or 5000 points are possible if one could master the "worm" speed.

  10. There are two basic methods that I have tried.

    Oh, first of all...

    In theory the "worm" speed gets you to the food faster but as the length grows you will need to make far too many sharp turns for the actual speed to the food to matter.

    Slug speed is the one of choice and I will explain why. I will also explain how to consistently get over 2000 a try...

    Slug speed is all you need. Placement of the food is random so as the length grows what you HAVE TO HAVE is turning ability. Here is a simple plan of attack early...

    After 10 bites you want to have AT LEAST 300 points. Generally that is easily done. Out of the first 10 pieces of food some will be so close you get good points for them.

    If for some reason you get them spaced really far apart it isn't a score killer but does hold you back from making at least 3000.

    The better situation is to get 400+ points off the first ten bites.

    Also, you want to reach 1000 by approximately 30 bites. My best that I can recall is 24 bites but those are just general things to observe as you move around. To actually get over 2000 consistently and to reach 3000 without much trouble is a simple matter of PATTERN.

    There are two basic patterns I used...

    Initially I tried a "perimeter" pattern. That is where I moved in a block format in the center area and tried to keep the perimeter open. One to two spaces wide. The problem here is that you can block yourself off too easily and that method fails around 2500 points quite often.

    For me the best pattern is a BLOCK pattern. It makes little difference whether the "alley" you creat is top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right. Whichever you are most comfortable with and as the game progresses, whichever is available.

    The alley is the key. I'll explain further...

    When the worm gets REALLY long the key to continuing is not blocking yourself off. When there are "gaps" and numerous turns this can become tricky and even the fastest fingers can't react.

    So after the length stretches across and back long ways 4-5 full lines you have to move in a block pattern with an "alley".

    I prefer using the far left side as my alley. I move up along that far left edge and when I reach the top I move all the way across to the right side. I move down one and back to the left. Down one and back to the right. The key is to leave that far left side as the alley. Usually the snake will be there blocking you anyway. Then as the length clears out what is below you can go after a piece or two. Making sure to keep a path clear back to that alley as the snake and top area clear.

    Since the pattern is kept uniform you alternate from filling in the top in that pattern to going after pieces of food. Yes, there will be many pieces that sit and wait that you only get one point for but if you are patient there will be plenty of pieces close by as you move down from that top blocked area that you can get quickly. And if one appears in an odd area then leave it... reform you alley and block and begin again.

    I broke 3500 using this method and used only HALF the open space. With a little luck and a rgeat deal of patience I am sure I cna break 4000. 4500 may be possible. Anything after that I am not sure.

    Here I will show you the alley and the pattern. Give it a try...

    ALLEY is on the far left going UP...

    U D
    U D This is the
    U D general area
    U D you exit the
    U D upper block and
    U go after pieces
    U This is the "alley"

  11. Formatting was off. let me try again so it looks right...

    ---U----------------------D This is the --
    ---U----------------------D general area -
    ---U----------------------D you exit the -
    ---U----------------------D upper block and
    ---U----------------------- go after pieces
    ---U This is the "alley"

  12. Try it and let me know how it works. I am tired and am off to bed. I will try to break 4000 tomorrow.

  13. One more tip...

    WORM speed is only effective early because of the added speed. The block pattern I mentioned theoretically could be used with worm speed but it would make the sharp turns at the top more difficult to pull off and due to the excessive length will rarely allow for more points because of the speed.

    It is exiting the block that matters. Luck will determine how often you get close pieces and how long it is before you have to follow that alley back to reset the block pattern.

    To increase skill at turning WORM speed is excellent. I usually play 5-10 games at worm speed to start and then change to slug.

    Doing that makes the slug movement feel like slow motion and making those sharp turning patterns much easier to do consistently.

    The third speed is a complete waste of time in my view. Even for practice.

  14. Python speed worked fine for me. Then again, I have played this game more than a few times elsewhere.

  15. Well, I gotta hand it to you young man, you certainly busted up the monopoly that PBeavr and I had on this one. I concede the superiority of your dexterious digits. I shall try agin later.

  16. jontheman is in the building...

  17. Python speed is too hard to control at lengths longer than one screen wide.

    Getting a high score with that has more to do with proper placement of food than anything else. It may take less time to get a higher score but the space you can maneuver in effectively runs out much more quickly as well.

    I highly doubt anyone can play at that speed and score high consistently. But rather than just HAVE high scores consistently or not I tried to offer a way for people to also get there.

    And I still suggest some of the others who did not have as much success to try my suggestions and see how it works.

    4500 seems possible with patience and luck. There are not going to be many who can score highly on the other speeds. On Slug with that pattern anyone can if thye have some patience.

    So hopefully it won't be only me or two other freaks with no life being the ones posting a decent score.

  18. Looks like you achieved your goal. That's pretty darn impressive, Beav. Congrats.

    Anyway, I think I'd better retire to get some seriously overdue work done.

  19. 5500 is possible with a great deal of luck on food placement.

  20. Bravo

    5100 is a score that will be hard to beat.

  21. With a fair amount of early luck, I do think 5500+ is possible as well. When the you have close to 2/3 of the board blocked off, the pieces become a helluva lot closer, and it becomes a feeding frenzy. If it where not for a particularly boneheaded move I made, I might have achieved a slightly higher score. Still, if one can achieve 4900+ points, then it is not out the realm possibility that they could achieve 5100 or higher - especially when one has a history of unrelentlessness that could be best described as "legendary"...

  22. Unrelenting certainly applies to me.

    I'll tinker around until I get 5500 or so.

    Eventually you simply run out of room and over the course of 200 bites or more to achieve the best possible score would require a great deal of luck.

    But with an average setup 5500 should be possible once one gets to the downward spiral. In theory one could maneuver behind the snake with two open spots eat one piece and have one appear in the final spot to end the game with a perfectly full screen.

    I am not sure I am that unrelenting. Given my history most would probably say I am. In the same way that users past and current who think that not responging to me or about me is an indication of higher ground or superior attitude. Heh.

    I know they read what I say and it irritates them. The fact they try to ignore it is meaningless to me. When I reference a user they can say they could care less all they want but the fact is I know they read it.

    But I am usually most content in the fact I call them as I see them and the cold hard truth is best ignored by some.

    But it doesn't change the veracity of what I say.

  23. And I will take EVERY opportunity to speak out on various issues on this BLOG and my own. Especially regarding frauds like Irishgit who repost comments over and over and OVER to get them exposure. Who protest the "intelligence" of the site user. Who can't rate anyone except the most obvious nitwit below 4 stars. Who routinely plays all sides.

    Yeah. It is exactly that kind of fraudulent user who has no amount of self respect that they would outright lie to themselves and everyone else when the truth is so apparent.

    It will be quite amusing to observe the cold war that ensues when Numbah eventually closes in on #1.

    And make no mistake... The ONLY person who wants or hopes Numbah to become #1 is Numbah. The amount of complete crap that guy posts is an insult to any thinking man with something worth saying.

    And in case Castlebee stops by to read this...

    I have not forgotten that I owe another response...

    I have been quite busy at work and just wanted to relax. I will get to it and express as much in one message that my fingers will allow.

  24. Boo Ya

    6100 and I am sure 6500 is possible now. It would require a great deal of patience but I still had two full lines to go when I took a wrong turn.