Asteroids Break


  1. And you still don't have the balls to remove those lists I created. Hehehe.

    Is it to try and stick it to me or is it just to keep some damn good lists since you can't sacrifice the funds?

    Either way you lack credibility by keeping them.

    And while I never mentioned that the site admin is Magellan (although a picture gave it away to GoneAway)....

    How duplicitous is it that you have at least FOUR accounts.

    You have this one called "lawrence", Magellan, Weblister, and the RIAAdmin one.

    Don't have the courage to fess up on that either huh? But seeing as you like to play god on your site so completely it should come as no surprise that you would not only break those site rules but go to great lengths to hide the obvious and contradictory violations.

    Let's see...

    You have one account to interact with people as magellan. Where you can spy by default and make "buddies". This of course is the only legitimate account.

    Then you have "RIAAdmin". A necessary account I suppose given you lack the courage to be upfront with site users. Big surprise there. Ironic really that you claim fairness while hiding your actual commentary user name.

    But the next two are inexcusable and prove beyond doubt you have no credibility...

    Weblister. A user that was created for the sole purpose of circumventing your own sites rules. It is rather pathetic really. And given that each and every webpage for those lists states the lists were "created by weblister" it is a flat LIE. Something any user with sense would realize if they read the quote about orphans on the user page.

    And now we have Lawrence. It isn't good enough to have an admin account. For PR you need an easy to find account. Yet another example of your willingness to break your own rules and basically lie or hide the truth from people.

    And of course this and the other posts I make won't pass muster on approval. But I will still be around. You can only do so much to hide the truth from people.

    I will laugh when I eventually see claims of fairness or credibility for the RIA ratings and its admin etc...

    Be careful with it all though. You and I both know there are far too many examples of poor ethics on the site. It may bite you on the ass one day. Truth has a way of becoming known. And with so many things done to supress or hide the truth I am amazed you actually look in the mirror and think RIA is run with anything close to good business ethics.

    At the very least RIA should allow ALL users to freely delete their comments, lists, and account if they so desire.

    But you don't have the balls to pull the trigger on that one and reclaim some lost integrity now do you?

  2. If all references to me are removed from the site. Helpfuls given. Helpfuls received. Lists I created and lists that include my user name. And of course each and every comment I ever made...

    More or less a COMPLETE WIPE of my presence having been part of the site in any form or fashion...

    Should that be done to my satisfaction I would gladly not pester or annoy any longer.

    When users like Donovan can hide behind god and pretend to be something other than the genuine made-in-the-USA *sshole they really are I can handle it fine.

    When users came to the site and posted even the most mundane, if not downright idiotic comments or lists I could handle that fine as well.

    When the site develops a clique mentality, a stroke ego's atmosphere, and even the angry mob feel I could handle that just fine as well.

    While my methods were viewed in some corners as sincere and in others as an overbearing Ahole... Whatever. That made no difference.

    What pissed me off was being hounded about rules and guidelines and numerous other issues simply because I was outspoken. All while the same things were being done by others often. Notable users as well.

    Flaming. Did I flame? Damn right I flamed. Don't act like an *ss or post stupidity if you can't handle being called out. Donovan never figured that one out.

    But while I may have been excessively harsh the fact is Irishgit routinely berated, harassed or otherwise insulted users as well. His words were put together quite well and was often amusing. But no one, including him, would deny what he was saying and doing MANY times. Flaming somebody’s *ss. And damn near every one of them deserved it ten fold.

    Little was said or done to him or others. In his case it is a question of intimidation. The number of regulars intimidated by his mere presence is amazing. And he knows it and relishes it.

    We kept the peace by using the site amicably and otherwise ignoring each other. Neither of us has any real emotion for the other. He is one of only 3-4 people using that site who actually distinguished in their mind the fact it was a website filled by anonymous people who neither cared about sincerity or worse... LOGIC.

    I am sure we are both nice enough guys. I certainly did my part to provide an equal amount of "niceness" to counteract my "harshness". And I am no fool. I understand the site needs to be guided and ruled.

    The issue was singularity of focus and purpose. Had Irishgit ever been hounded as I was he would not provide such a fine little song and dance. Given the contributions. Mostly solid and made of effort... he too would resent trolls and other idiots gaining leverage with the site admin to go so far as to accuse him of being a racist. Or having made a racist comment.

    AND being asked to remove it no less.

    So with all the things I could handle just fine I don't like being singled out. I enjoyed the fact I was a distinct personality but the site had numerous distinct personalities. Mine was perhaps one of the strongest but there were plenty to go around.

    Many should consider themselves fortunate. When I decided to leave I knew I would not simply be allowed to leave. Even though that is the stated "vision" of the site admin on the BLOG currently.

    I would have preferred nothing better than leaving without a trace. No lists, no comments, no references at all.

    And since I knew I was not going to be allowed such freedom I took advantage of the system in place to ensure it MY OWN WAY to the best of my limited ability.

    And you can bet your *ss everyone got my point. And the lists being comment deleted in full and moved to the "Misc. Education" section was no accident.

    So all RIA users who may read this page and comment, ESPECIALLY the site admin should consider my view carefully.

    I want to be left alone and nothing but a bad memory.

    Now let me explain one last thing to the site admin. Something I explained before and perhaps was lost in the shuffle.

    AT NO POINT was I approached about an amicable separation from the site.

    Ignatius, GrayMalkin and several others (GoneAway is another as I recall) can all verify that while I was removing comments from my lists I was also seeking out users who might want to take over those lists.

    I knew the site admin could restore those comments if they so desired. I didn't want that. And here is why...

    Those comments were made while those lists belonged to me.

    GET A GRIP PEOPLE... Stop whining over lost comments you profess mean so little. If you made a good comment it isn't my responsibility to save it. You should save your own work if it means anything to you. And not wait until it is being removed to whine.

    What if all the RIA servers burned down in a fire and all data was lost? Sure, that is an accident but the issue is the same... Sh*t happens. If you cared about your written word you would either remember your own opinion (DUH!) or have a copy of it saved. Such as Flick01. Get real Flick. If you put in that much effort to create a comment and don't even bother to save it somewhere in my area we call that being a moron.

    Excuses about not having seen it coming or like driving without car insurance. You don't expect something bad to happen or for something to be lost or broken but you damn well know it is possible and in some cases likely. So get over it.

    And I am still willing to let others have my lists. But THAT IS A DECISION I SHOULD MAKE.

    I worked hard on those lists and had they been crap lists such as many created by former users such as AxlRod or that dimwit who "was the straw that stirs the drink" they would have been deleted.

    That's right... MANY FORMER and PROFLIFIC users were deleted. LISTS AND ALL. Weblister was created to provide a work around to this. It was done SPECIFICALLY to gain access to my lists.

    I expected something along those lines to occur and I damn well resent it and so would anyone else. If you deny that you are a liar.

    So let me be.

    I will be glad to leave the site in peace. And to choose new owners for my lists. Users who would appreciate those lists.

    I would not just provide the list items. I would provide the descriptions, images, links and everything.

    And this was the biggest screwup by the site admin...

    I lost power due to a hurricane for over a week. When I returned my lists were gone to weblister. The comments were gone and the items DEACTIVATED. Restoring them properly (WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL COMMENTS) would have been easy for me to accomplish.

    I never heard back from Ignatius regarding taking over some of my lists. I like the guy and many of the lists fit him perfectly. I wanted him to have any and all of them he desired.

    I still do.

    So long as I am allowed the opportunity I feel I deserve to get it done and transferred.

    Anyone can email me or request a list. My account is still active and until RIA provides a delete comment feature or I "blank" all my remaining 4850 comments I will still be around. In that capacity at least.

    A final note. One I hope the site admin reads and appreciates...

    I don't pretend to be anything other than what I am. I am not an angry person. I am not mean spirited or depressed. I am just very outspoken and desire complete freedom to voice my opinion. Things got in the way of that and I no fool. Many of those obstacles were of my own creation. But I can't change who I am or how I like to go about thing. I proudly claim to be the ultimate wizzywig commentator.

    As for the site admin... Lawrence is an EXTREMELY nice guy on a personal level. So am I.

    People can make what they want of my rantings or various things I have done. But my view on that never changed. I simply didn't like being singled out or having my freedoms inhibited.

    I never wanted the site run "my way" and I never was worried if rules or other issues were not to my liking. The only thing I wanted was to be allowed to criticize those things. And the users who abused those rules.

    Ultimately, since I am not a fool and realize that I won't change etc..., I came to the conclusion that it is everyone’s best interest (especially my own) to simply move on.

    And I will move on. I already have in many ways. I am also sure many on the site are thankful for that.

    Had the site admin not made assumptions about my motivations or goals from the very beginning when things went sour much could have been avoided.

    The fact I view him as a genuinely nice person OUTSIDE of the site means nothing when it comes to the site itself or how I am singled out and many other things.

    In the same way that how nice a person is outside of the workplace means nothing with regard to INSIDE the workplace. And I am sure we all understand that since most of us have known a very nice PERSON but dealt with a very lazy CO-WORKER.

    I bear no ill will. And if I am allowed to finish up my self-irradication in the manner illustrated above it won't be long before I am gone and some users have some nice "new" lists.

    It would have avoided numerous issues had the site admin just taken the time to inquire as to how I could leave the site in peace.

    I'd prefer even my lists be gone for good but, arrogant or not to say, many were DAMN GOOD. And they will be recreated eventually. I prefer they be kept as I had originally made them with the same images and descriptions. I have a few stipulations on that. One is that all old comments be deleted and users remake them on the "new" lists. A petty stipulation to some but one that I hold in high regard.

    Another stipulation would involve future list additions... i.e. Some lists I would stipulate that no further additions be allowed. This is important to me since it is a free for all now and anyone can add anything to a list. A feature that I understand in purpose but abhor in practice. Especially on my own creations.

    Other stipulations would depend on the list.

    But I ma more than willing to be reasonable. I always have been. I know I am a hard*ss but I always strove to be fair and most importantly, SINCERE.

    You can either take me at my word or not. That is a decision for each individual to make.

    And I applaud Lawrence on several issues. One is having posted my "pleasant" comment. Heh. Another is finally just putting it in the open for interested parties to discover who runs the site then and especially now. And I am a man of my word... He asked I not reveal the truth of who Magellan was and I never did. I felt he should do it and ultimately he has.

    It may not be on the site (WHERE IT SHOULD BE DONE) but it has been done and can be found.

    Give me the right to choose who gets various lists I created (and I will find someone for all the good ones) and at the end IRRADICATE my presence COMPLETELY from the site and I will not bother anyone again.

    And I won't be visiting the site or using it under an alias. I mean what I say and always have. I don't mince words and I don't wish for bad things to happen. I got tired of various things and simply want out. I may demand certain terms or conditions at this point but I feel it has been earned. I GUARANTEE you had I not become involved in this lingering nonsense that I would not just be the biggest site contributor but would lead by a landslide.

    And Lawrence knows that. Only he has access to all the background work I did as a user and moderator.

    I was quite proud of my efforts. While I want to see all references gone I am trying to be generous in regard to my former lists. This post was long but I said a great deal.

    Hopefully many will have read it in full and come to an understanding. We'll see.

    View me as you like but never say I was insincere. Of all criticisms of me that one would never be valid.

  3. Ah, Asteroids. I remember playing this game aeons ago back on my old Macintosh LC.