RateItAll Economy - February Earnings

Some cash earnings from the RateItAll Economy program are being posted HERE. RateItAll Economy participants should feel free to add their own earnings to this list.

I'm encouraged so far... we haven't even integrated revenue sharing on actual reviews yet, and people are making money. We're working very hard to include reviews themselves into this program - the plan is to launch a review rebuttal feature simultaneously through which people can debate specific reviews. So, when each review has it's own url, we'll be able to serve Google advertisements "belonging" to the reviewer on those specific pages. We're a couple weeks away, but it's coming.

There's some good stuff on the horizon folks, and I'm hopeful that in the not so distant future, hundreds, if not thousands of RateItAll reviewers will at least be making enough to pay for their monthly Internet connection.


  1. Re: rebuttal commentary

    This one's going to be interesting to see. Again, I'm still kind of skeptical about the whole "message board" feel, I'd still probably use it.

  2. It doesn't sound like doing more than is already available. Just new packaging.

    But someone will probably let genghis the hun know through this rebuttal item that giving a definition of an "ism" is outrageously idiotic and not even close to offering an opinion or supporting a rating.

    But he apparently has no clue. Maybe he just thinks the list is actually a "Define this ism".

  3. The idea is to make it so rebuttals and responses to specific reviews don't infect the reviews themselves.

    It seems logical to me that an especially well thought out or controversial should generate a discussion - I just want to make sure that there's a place for that discussion to happen.

    Although as I know, new features often have unintended consequences... we shall see what happens.

  4. Ultimately it accomplsihes nothing since any exchanges will still take place.

    The only real benefit may be the desire for housecleaning so that activity is not right out in the open. But that would depend on if rebuttals appear in the recent comment pages. Since they are "rebuttals" to comments it appears the answer would be no.

    But it still accomplishes nothing effective.

    Reveal ALL ratings. Who left what rating commentless or not. That would clean house and effectively eliminate all but alias abuse.

    It wouldcertainly go a long way towards illustrating exactly who has an agenda and who is talking BS. Why not allow those ratings to be viewed?

    After all... RIA does state it keeps user personal information private. So all that will be revealed is who left a rating. We may not know why but that is much better than the government approach using "secret votes".

    And how many RIA users would say they PREFER government and other agencies voting in secret.

    All users ratings should be viewable. Not only would it provide full disclosure and allow users to fully grasp another in their "trusted" network but it would make it much easier for users to find commentless ratings and add one.

    As a former user that was quite irritating.

    RIA should focus more on integrity in ratings. The biggest offender of bogus and worthless ratings is Numbah but try this one on for size:

    List - Giant Fire Hydrant - Beaumont, Texas

    Comment - Great place to bring your dog.

    Fortunatley no one has rated it helpful but give it time.

    Sarcasm accounts for a large chunk of posts now. And sarcasm may be amusing but it is not helpful.

    And another suggestion I would make is that users can only get a comment placed on the RECENT COMMENTS page...


    No matter how many edits they make it only goes there once. And since the best scenerio is that rebuttals NEVER appear in recent comments it would short-circuit numbnut attempts such as the KING of reposting Irishgit to have comments "presented for user helpful clicking" and/or to place it at the top of an active list.

    A few users STILL on the site and in the top 10 have noticed his doing this and they dislike it. It also reveals just what a comment hog he actually is.

    And now that he can earn money doing so it will likely be done more often. Unless RIA steps in to prevent it. Reposting IS against the rules as well.

    Sad really that the site allows so much abuse and nonsense.

    I don't expect those ideas I mentioned to go anywhere. The big factor that could be done IMMEDIATELY is to remove the helpful and unhelpful buttons and disband the entire premise.

    That too won't happen because the site admins knows as well as I do that without that unique trait they would leave in droves. All but 5 maybe in the entire top 100 would leave or lose interest. Most especially comment whore Irishgit.

    Take away not just his helpfuls but the ability to gain them and he moves on to some other forum to espouse his sarcasm.

    He has certainly proven he cares a great deal about them. He can't afford to lose them.

    And while long ago he made some good comments of decent length the fact is he has grown over time into almost nothing but a one sentence poster. More evidence that his goal is helpfuls. In bunches. And you can't get them when you are spending 10 minutes writing an intelligent post.

    It is much simpler and effective to post a 1 line sarcastic comment and move on to the next. 10 of them in 10 minutes with ease.

    Without some effort to improve the integrity of ratings the site is meaningless. It may make money and it may become popular but it won't be respected or thought of in a positive light. And there are already several BLOGs and other forums where this view has been repeated. And not by me.

    But then again how can a site have integrity in the ratings when Nubah responds to the typical list itme with:

    (numbah laughs)

    Which of course gets 5 helpfuls.

    Rather pathetic really.