Annoying Little Bugs

We've been slow on the bug fixing recently, as I've been trying to stay focused on getting the redesign up.

That doesn't mean I'm not paying attention though. Here's some things that I'd like to see fixed:

- Everytime I resubmit or edit a comment, all my helpfuls go away
- Whenever I hit "submit" on a new Weblist, my Weblist description gets erased.
- The ratings scale for a Weblist itself (ie when you rate a Weblist itself), is populated by the ratings scale OF the Weblist. This is wrong. It should be a simple 5 = great, 1 = terrible scale.
- The local filter on the recent comments page isn't working
- If I visit the local home page and then leave RateItAll, when I return to RIA I show up on local.

Anybody have other ones that they'd like to add to this list? hmmm... maybe I should make a Weblist for these....


  1. I still like the idea of an "EDIT" option, so you can make corrections without re-posting, but my knowledge of the technicalities that would encompass such a thing is cursory, at best. So I don't know if it's possible, but it sure would be nice...I could settle for restoration of those missing quotation marks, at least.

  2. I didn't have to be the one to tell you this, but the quotation marks are not coming back.

    Poor little guys. They've gone to that big grammar bin in the sky.

  3. I don't think I've ever felt mournful at the passing of punctuation before...

  4. Actually, I might be in the minority here, but I'm actually for the "helpfuls" going away after a comment has been re-posted. If the content is different, then the person who clicked "helpful" might not find the comment helpful anymore. If it's helpful, then the person can click "helpful" again.

  5. I'm agreeing with Kamy on this one. There have been several times where someone's update was something that I no longer agreed with. When the update is done, it'll come back up to the recents. If it's still helpful, than people will be willing to click it again.

  6. Kamy, Vudija, I'm afraid I must disagree. If PG's "edit" suggestion (which I think would be the best solution the recent worries) does prove unfeasible then I think it would be best if the old system returned. The first reason being the personal one that I wouldn't like to either leave so many of my comments looking mangled, or lose half the helpfuls its taken me years to accumulate in replacing the lost punctuation.

    That's right, helpfuls are important to me. The ones I recieve for making one line jokes, not so much, but for the posts that I actually put some thought, effort and research into, I see them as my reward. It's a sign someone's read and enjoyed one my reviews, which is my purpose for writing them. I think that honestly, a lot, perhaps most, other reviewers feel the same way.

    Second reason is that if you find a comment no longer helpful in its latest incarnation, you can just as easily click "unhelpful" as you could click "helpful" again if you still did find it helpful. In fact, this would be more convenient as more often than not, people probably still do find the updated comment helpful since the new content is usually just an extension of the original post, or the tidying up of a few careless errors. Seldom does a reviewer change the comment completely.

  7. Jon: Now that I think about it; both sides are correct, just in different ways. I understand not wanting to lose helpfuls, especially on those comments that did take more effort than others, or that are older and took awhile to catch on for the other reviewers to note. Unfortunately, we can't have it both ways.

    I guess that if everyone wants it...I'd just hope that if, by some unfortunate chance, the new way doesn't work; you'd all be willing to change it back to the way it was before. I'd just hate to get stuck with a system that doesn't work, if no one's willing to change it back once the change has been made.

  8. Referring to Jon's post:

    I agree that if a comment becomes "unhelpful" after once being "helpful", yes, you can click "unhelpful" to change it. But, sometimes, I'll find the change makes the comment neither helpful NOR unhelpful. But, after the click is there, you can't undo the click; one or the other must be selected.

    If the helpfuls must stick after the comment is updated, maybe it'd be nice to be able to just de-select the "helpful" (or "unhelpful"), rather than just switching.

    I also agree that most comments which are updated are just extensions of the previous comment; but some comments just turn into mindless and competitive drivel (my own comments included, before anyone starts) after persistant updates and, though I wouldn't mark them "helpful" anymore, they're not bad enough to be "unhelpful", either.

    However, I know I'm in the minority here, and in the long run (well, actually, in the short term, as well) it doesn't really change much either way. I'll take it or leave it.

    Overall, I'd want to see my weblist entries become re-alphabetized after submitting a new one (it kind of does, but for long ones it seems to take half of the entries, put them in alphabetical order, then put the other half in alphabetical order and stick it on the end, A to Z to A to Z again.) This was a problem from way back, though, so I don't know if that had been resolved or not. It's not that big of a deal until you hit like a hundred or so entries for a single list, though. It's not that big of a deal, but it was enough of a pain to make me stop adding stuff to one of my weblists (because I'm too lazy to find out of I've already entered it in or not).