Spam and Errors

We're under attack from another spammer who is submitting thousands of bogus "suggestions" to Weblist publishers and RateItAll. This guy's address is:


If you'd like to report him as a spammer to Yahoo, you can do so here.

Here is his site:


It's a typical, bogus, Adsense spam site. It steals content from other sites and slaps Adsense on its pages to try and make money. It then spams other web site looking for links, so it can rank in the search engines.

If you'd like to report this site as spam to Adsense, you can do so here.

Anyway, the thousands of bogus "suggestions" that this guy auto-submits is sporadically choking our mail server. This is resulting in error messages when RateItAll reviewers try and send messages to each other through the site.

These errors are due to the RateItAll server not being able to send an alert to the recipient of the message - the good news is that the personal messages are being delivered via RateItAll to the recipient. The bad news is that the recipient is not receiving an email alert.

We're working on solutions to better screen these vandals from hitting the site.


  1. Thanks for explaining why RIA has been having issues with the email alerts and messages. I was starting to wonder myself, but decided not to ask since I knew my messages were being sent regardless.

  2. I've been deleting this guy's email kah kah all week. So, I sent complaints to both addresses you provided. I guess some people just like to see how much they can get by with. Either that, or it's too much of a challenge for them to think of something honest and original.