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m.a. duron has built a list of more than 100 top album covers from pop and rock. Pictures have been added for most of them. This list is worth a look.


  1. There is not a great place to place this on this BLOG so I will put it here. I will also post this and other stupidity on my own BLOG


    When time permits.

    Suffice it to say that RIA is still allowing obvious abuse by certain regulars. What follows is such a low blow and low brow insult I can't believe RIA has not stepped in and done something about it:

    update: ooooh, clever one ih8terateitall. I'm sure my mother could have taught you a lot of things, but unfortunately for you, she didn't screw farm animals. Better luck next time.
    - Rated By: irishgit

    (2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)

    I'll give the benefit of the doubt to those who rated it helpful that they were given PRIOR to the update.

    The reference is clearly an attack of another user and so vulgar and profane in nature anyone who thinks Irishgit is justified must be a moron.

    But even if they agree he is justified it won't change the fact it is a CLEAR violation of site rules.

    We'll see how it is handled. And YES Irishgit, I will be watching and posting on any stupidity you happen to add.

    The shameless self promotion and choosing of obvious targets for your low brow insults is an embarrassment. To you, to the site, and to anyone who doesn't stand up and tell you exactly what a small minded person you are.

    Let's hope that user has more self respect than to take the abuse and then turn around to be somewhat buddy buddy like CTVFan did.

    What a big man. So impressive.

  2. By the way...

    IhateRateitall or whoever that is may be a complete moron but it only goes to show that not only does Irishgit fail to stay above the fray but the only targets he ever goes after are so moronic that he knows they can't defend themselves.

    Their reference is just as asinine but let's also toss out that other grand update on the same post:

    On a side note: "ih8rateitall.com" be sure to let us know when you finally manage to get laid. And remember it doesn't count if you have to inflate her.

    I wonder if RIA actually has the courage to warn such a "contributing" user as irishgit.

    I'd love to hear the excuses as to why he wouldn't be warned.

    Brow beating of other users by Irishgit or anyone else WILL be noted. Not only to illustrate the integrity issues at the site but to illustrate just how shallow the users have become.

  3. I will soon be detailing the lack of integrity on RIA with Irishgit and Numbah as the key focus.

    An example of Irishgit was already given but here is a SMALL sample of what I mean for Numbah:

    NUMBAH's comment:

    Re-name numbah?

    IJR's Daddy

    “I can only express puzzlement in the fact that IJR has not addressed this shameless potshot as of yet. Keep your eyes peeled, kids. I'm sure his response will be an instant classic.”

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    Ignatius-J-Reilly said:

    “(Whaps numbah upside the head with a dead fish!)”

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    Have some damn self respect Ignatius. He gets 7 helpfuls for BS and an insult and you get one. When are you going to figure out that you are nothing but a whipping boy for him to get helpfuls by. Him and his entore online gang of morons.

    And how about this one involving Castlebee:

    North American Cities

    Chicago, IL

    “(numbah puts a dollar in irishgit's collection plate)”

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    CastleBee said:

    “Oh, I do love Chicago! I even tend to like movies that have anything to do with Chicago - "The Blues Brothers", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "Uncle Buck" to name a few. I've been there quite a few times and I must say I certainly do not think Chicago has any kind of identity problem; it would not only be difficult to confuse it with NYC or any other big city but also Chicago does not even pretend to be anything but the big, booming, fast moving, and earthy giant of the mid-west that it is. It does share a sense of excitement that I think all really huge cities have. You'll find lots of wonderful cultural opportunities here too - excellent and plentiful museums and theatre, sporting events and a variety of festivals as well as world-class restaurants. The hotels are also plentiful and there are several well kept historical ones. My favorite (so far) is The Drake which was really breathtakingly decorated last Christmas when I visited for a few days. It is also conveniently located, along with many other fine hotels, within walking distance of some great shopping. Chicago is an exciting place to visit all year round, but if you go in December be sure to dress for cold temps - the wind coming off the lake can be really mean!”

    (6 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)

    Notice that Numbah got 6 helpfuls for nothing more than a reply to Irishgit. Sure Castlebee got 6 helpfuls but go look at the post dates...

    Numbah got 6 since posting his comment LESS THAN TWO DAYS AGO.

    Castlebee has received 6 since posting hers in OCTOBER of 2001.

    And compare the effort she made to the crap Numbah posted.

    ANYONE who gives Numbah helpfuls for the crap he posts should be ashamed of themselves.

    It is pathetic. And one of them is the grown mother of his best friend in real life. What a damn loser she has to be to reward such complete stupidity. I bet she barely notices who Castlebee is and has rarely given her quality posts a helpful.

    The entire gang is a bunch of shallow losers.