Big Monday?

I'm hoping that those of you participating in the RateItAll Economy program had a good day today. The site had an exceptional day in terms of overall traffic and network wide CPM.

There's a variety of factors that will influence your earnings through the Google Adsense / RateItAll Economy program. The three primary factors are:

  1. Traffic (known as impressions in your Adsense reports)
  2. Subject Matter (a list about digital cameras will earn a higher earning per click than one about Britney Spears)
  3. Market for Online Advertising (how much advertisers are willing to pay to appear on Google's ad network)
Items #1 and #2 are somewhat in your control. Finding the proper balance between a profitable niche and a high traffic niche is a challenge. Remember - one click from a quality niche can be worth 100 clicks from an unprofitable one.

As we get deeper into this program, I'll be sharing more tips and advice as to how to optimize your RateItAll Economy earnings.

And a word of advice: everyone participating in this program should pay extra special attention to the Google Adsense Terms and Conditions.


  1. And since I am still up let me just provide this for browser approval...

    Irishgit, who has routinely criticized many for having no life due to their excessive use of RIA is a hypocrit. He has also mocked the site as meaningless. And the users in the same way.

    Well RIA fans here is a breakdown of his activity:

    Comments: 10182
    Helpfuls: 27566
    Ratio: 2.7

    And in approximately 30 months (2.5 years) he has AVERAGED:

    339.4 comments per month
    4072.8 comments per year


    11.2 comments per day

    And keep in mind those are AVERAGES.

    So to Irishgit I suggest he stop being such a hypocritical fool and GET A LIFE.

    When one considers those are just AVERAGES and factors in the fact he is the repost KING... All the man virtually does is post or repost on the site.

    But he has a #1 place to protect.

    Bad news Irishgit...

    The buddy system will do you in.

    Genghis the Hun may be a "master of the obvious" in posts but his sheer volume is going to kill you.

    He already has 14858 helpfuls on 7470 posts. The ratio is only 2.0 but it will grow as it does with all users. But the key issue here is this:

    In 10 months (.8 years)
    Genghis AVERAGES:

    747.0 comments per month
    8964.0 comments per year


    24.6 comments per day

    This provides him a gain of:

    Over 7000 MORE helpfuls per year. And he is just getting started. With that many posts he needs 1-2 more buddies in his network or just one well placed alias and he will blow past you in less than a year.


    Technically he trails but 2 years worth of helpfuls but the way the system works and the way ratios tend to rise over time (especially if aliases are employed) he will bring his ratio average up to 2.5.

    With this comment pace and that expected ratio it will take less than a year to become #1.

    All for a guy who can do no more most of the time than to define list items or at best restate them.

    Won't it be great when the master of sarcastic one line BS is replaced by the master of the obvious?

    Great times for all, great times for all...

  2. Ah yes. More like BIG Tuesday.

    I'll skip the "taking the high road BS aspects of Irishgits post. Anyone interested in seeing them can visit his user page or the page on the RIA BLOG.

    I'll focus on the parts that might mean something and aren't just look the other way crap...

    "I would observe, in counterpoint, that there is a certain hypocrisy to someone who has such venomous dislike for a website, to the extent where he left it, spending so much time on its blog."

    Yeah right.

    I left the site because RIA wanted to shut me up. Steps were taken to shut me up here as well. And if the last email I received from the site admin is any indication they may very well attempt the same again.

    Irony Irishgit? Hypocrasy? Get a clue.

    I lead my life the same way every where. I lead it the same way as a member of the site. As a board owner. As a board user. As a husband.

    I don't just shut up and go away because people want me to or dislike what I have to say.

    I put in a great deal of time to promote the site when I saw it as something positive. In railing against it now I am not hypocritical at all. What WOULD be hypocritical is if I suddenly saw the site as negative but did NOT say anything.

    My nature is to speak my mind and to be relentless. The only way I could be a hypocrit given my well known tendencies would be to go merrily along and never say a cross word.

    So save the counter point for when you actually have one that is valid.

    It is quite amusing such a user FINALLY crawls out of the woodwork to speak. Why now?

    I have been just as harsh and just as pointed numerous times before? I have my suspicions as to why. I'll get into those on another post. Here or on my own BLOG.

    But one has to wonder why something is said. Perhaps it is a simple matter that the skin can no longer take the beating.

    Ultimately I don't care. But that is what the site admin hates the most. I truly don't care because I am actually who I claim to be. Some internet asshole. But a sincere one.

    Not like you Irishgit. Someone who repeatedly bashes a site and its users only to return again and again. Reposting comment after comment.

    And as the previous post above points out... You need to get a life. If not for the fact you are practically only capable of sarcastic one liners those 10000+ posts might have consumed all your time. Even sleep time.

    But let's move on to that fond farewell...

    "Finally, and I say this without sarcasm or venom, I wish you well pBeavr. I spent a long time today reading your comments, and came away rather saddened."

    An interesting use of words really. It makes it apparent that all my other harsh rantings have also been read. Still, no reply of any kind until now.

    But I am at least glad to know my comments made you sad. It is very sad the site cares so little about quality and effort.

    But let's skip the sarcasm on my part in retort. The assertion there is my commentary was "sad".

    Oh really? Earlier in the comment some was agreed with. Was it my tone? My directness? Sad huh.


    People can't handle honest criticism. Mine may be harsher than most but the truth stings badly. The RIA admin no more wants to face the fact that he lost site of integrity long ago any more than Irishgit wants to admit he is a comment and helpful whore.

    "Take care of yourself, sir."

    How touching. get real Irishgit. I am not CTVFan. I can read you like a worn out book. You can shove the sir and I don't need your wishes to take care of myself.

    But that was one last "take the high road moment".

    Why not be the tough guy you claim to be and the tough guy many on the site view you as. I'd rather you tell me I am insignificant and you don't give one sh*t. Good riddance and the like.

    At least then I could respect you as being a man about it.

    But instead you still play this "political aide" game. I am not a politician and such methods are a complete waste of time.

    But then again you can message Ignatius or whomever and relish your high road taken. Ah the back slapping and congratulatory exchanges. How thrilling.

    But more likely you will just continue the political aide mentality. Where you look down your nose at fools like Numbah all while parising him in messages and on the boards.

    But you might want to try and argue he offers something. Let me guess. Humor right? Get real. if you actually had the balls some think are there you would have tried burning him down as you did CTVFan. But why risk it on an obvious influential user who can actually defend themself.

    But read CTVFans juvenile posts you criticized and then read Numbahs. The similarities are there. Both are very juvenile. But where CTVFan was honest and made an effort (which you criticized) Numbah is just a moron.

    Yet there you are ignoring Numbah and never saying a cross word. Going to the opposite extreme and praising him at times.

    Wow. I am impressed.

    And has the site admin gotten around to removing that vulgar insult of another user yet. The most RECENT one that I pointed out? Or will they ignore it, let it stand and suck up?

    Perhaps he should give you the same lecture he gave me...

    "Irishgit is a moron" is a flame.

    "Irishgit's posts are moronic" is not.

    Try wrapping your brain around that one.

    In any case the insult was direct and quite low. So will the site admin do anything?

    If they do it will be presented this way since you are such a "valuable" user.

    "Just to shut PBeavr up can you remove it please".

    Of course he could just let it stand as a testament to his hypocrasy and *sskissing.

    The choice is his.

    And thanks for the permission to post my views however I see fit and wherever I see fit. I am not sure what I would have done without that approval.

    Be careful trying to take that high road though. The fall is a real pain in the *ss. Just ask Donovan.

    No. I won't stop. Not as long as the site admin tries to hide from the truth that he has only one interest. Money.

    In the form of hits. All this talk of improving things and especially mentions of quality is crap.

    Filters. Yeah. Trust lists. Yeah. Filtering out users. Yeah. Removal of users who piss the masses off. YEAH.

    Wait until I take all those noble words thrown about various pages mentioning fairness, honesty, integrity and the like and bring them into focus in regard to how the site is run.

    The site admin has to look himself in the mirror each day and reconcile the WORDS to the ACTIONS. Cna he have a clear concious when he does so? Perhaps. But many are in denial and ignore the truth.

    I may look in the mirror and see an *sshole but it is an honest *sshole. A sincere *sshole. And something I am not ashamed about.

    At least I don't use people to make money the wya he does. At least I don't try to excuse a system where quality users are worthless to the site.

    Can users filter out things? Perhaps. But that is like sitting in a sewer and pushing the sh*t to one side of the cess pool. It may be behind the screen and out of sight but it is still there. Festering, putrude, and vile.

    Gee. maybe I shouldn't believe that such goals are unacceptable. I am a moron for thinking that you shouldn't allow the sh*t to pile up around you or to simply "filter" it out.

    How dumb to think the sh*t should be denied access. That it should be prevented from infesting things in the first place.

    No. Let's just ignore it and hope it goes away. That is what all the great innovators and minds did in history. They ignored all the sh*t to get to the top or to make something worth participating in.

  3. And so it is clear... The site admin realizes this and in all likelyhood is irritated it by it more than anything else...

    I don't expect change to occur. I in fact expect things to get worse or to at least remain the same.

    I am here to be heard. I don't expect many will listen and I sure as hell don't expect the site admin to do a damn thing to alter how things are going at the site.

    But all of you who know me...


    That's right folks. I wish to speak my mind. My comments have merit. Irishgit has acknolwedged some. Kamylienne has acknowledged some. So has Numbah, ScarletFeather, Ignatius, Flick01, and many many others.

    Some in private and some on the pages of RIA (rarely). And some here on teh blog. But most ironic of all is the site admin himself acknoeledges some aspects of what I say.

    I don't claim to know it all or have all the answers. I claim nothing beyond a view of things. A sincere and brutal view to be sure but my own view. And through it all there has been ALMOST ZERO disagreement on most of my major points.

    Whether it is ego stroking on the site. Quality issues. Weblist stupidity.

    On and on. Few actually disagree. Which makes it all the more amusing and entertaining when my "presentatation" or relentlessness is made a focus.

    Hey people... That is just the way I am. I know no other way. And while it may cause some or much of what I say to get lost in the shuffle there are two things to consider...

    The first is that I can't go about things in another manner. it is the way I am. While I am aware things may be lost along the way it is a necessary side effect to my high passion for life and speaking out. SINCERELY.

    And I truly admire great passion. In almost all its forms. Which ones I don't admire is for another post.

    The second point to consider is that though some is lost in translation etc... What I say has good points acknowledged by most if not all involved. And THAT is what makes me so relentless.

    If I did not KNOW that so many see the truth to what I am saying... in part or in full I may very likely move on to another place that can hold some passion for me.

    And its too late now to try and say I have no points or am wrong. Far too many have acknowledged aspects on my chatter as truthful.

    I am no fool. I am still that dumb white guy I always was. But I am a dumb white guy who has paid attention adn along the way I did manage to figure a few things out.

    Unfortunately for the site admin I took an interest in RIA.

    And As a member of several boards (since Kamylienne mentioned them so well previously)...

    The BEST boards. The ones worth spending time on... Are not run by the inmates. No. The best boards. The ones worth time to post have RULES. Rules that are enforced and standards of quality.

    Those boards don't provide "filters" to ignore stupid users and stupid comments/threads...

    No. Those groups and boards follow clear guidelines and rules and enforce them. Thereby never allowing morons inside in the first place.

    It is too bad RIA never figured that out.

    How nice would it be to have 200 quality users such as Kamylienne, Castlebee, Molfan, Abichara, Forgotten Hero and the like. All without the festering pestulence provided by Numbah (et al), Genghis, Donovan, and the many other nutballs.

    Someone try to make sense in an effort to convince me RIA would not be a better place. A place much more wirth visiting.

    But enjoy those "filters". Just remember that a filtered cigerette still poisons you. And I am sure you get the idea.

    Control. That is how quality could be restored. And Kamylienne is quite right. The Site admin could change it if they saw fit. I don't expect they will isten or do anything but that is no reason for me to just walk away quietly.

    As I said before...

    And tell me if I am wrong Kamylienne...

    Change does not come about by thinking it is "pointless to complain" as you said previously.

    Change comes about by speaking out. I have no illusions. My voice, alone is nothing. But perhaps one day. WHo knows. 2 years or more later. Perhaps then if TBoneYa, Castlebee and others stand up and demand similar things... Perhaps then things will change.

    And the site admin has made it clear that complaints will instigate change. In many forms. many of which I will detail another time.

    The problem always was that the change was censorship related or exclusionary such as banning users.

  4. PB, you say:

    "And if the last email I received from the site admin is any indication they may very well attempt the same again."

    I never said I would try and shut you up. My sense is that's exactly what you want out of this.

    But let's at least be honest about what we said.

    Here's exactly what I said:

    "why all the site bashing and people bashing on the blog?

    if you don't like the site, why not move on? I thought I tried to work with you man to man on this stuff, yet you continue to hammer away on the site... why not start your own site? I'm not kidding... it sounds like you have a lot of good ideas, no need to keep bashing mine when you can do it yourself.

    "it sort of bums me out PB... are you just trying to drive readers for your blog, or just trying to badmouth my site?

    That's it. That's what I said to you.

    And here's what you said to me (your personal info and reference to other RIA reviewers removed:)

    "....I despise hypocrits though.

    And RIA is filled with them. Most significantly YOU.

    You pretend a great deal. About the users and about yourself. Joke wth others at Web 2.0 or at the bars in SF about how you are trying to be innovative or part of the "new internet". Don't sell that shit to me.

    You are a money whore plain and simple and I detest it. You had a chance to provide something useful. Something worthwhile and instead you went straight for the money at the first chance.


    And don't you fucking dare tell me otherwise.

    Save that shit for the dumbass buddies at the bar or un-conference. You are no better than any other predator who makes their money off people who know no better. That is why the Wal-mart and Microsoft analogies apply so well and why you are such a damned hypocrit with regard to your Enron posts.

    You should be ashamed that you had a chance to create a worthwhile site filled with worthwhile commentary only to give in to the dollar.

    You disagree? I don't really give a shit. I am not the one playing things off.

    XXXXX is a complete fucking moron. You disagree with that too?

    Okay big guy go read his comments and get back to me on that. Or would you prefer I send you a fine example of them?

    You always had the power to influence the direction of the site. Only you had the power really. You made several mistakes with me. the most important was thinking I would just disappear. I did consider it once but frankly you make me sick.

    You are nothing more than another capitalist piece of garbage in the vein of Haliburton and many others. You can't parade you lack of ethics on that grand a scale but that makes it no less disgusting.

    You know damn good and well that users like XXXX nad XXXXX are ignored on that site. Fine commentary too.

    You have done NOTHING to change it. Instead you go with this idiotic implementation of a "trusted" network" and the soon to be recommendation engine will be just as laughable.

    No. You have XXXXX. And his gang. Do you even have an idea how many nimrods support that idiot. You let the likes of XXXXX spill religious crap o nthe site so badly it becomes distasteful. Then you let that moron harrass other users but since he does it in malicious but non-attack way it is alright.

    You get off your ass to have quality matter and I will consider shutting up. I am simply exercising my right to disagree with something and I STRONGLY disagree with your choices on that site. Few actually involve helpfuls. Helpfuls are an issue because most of those idiots do care about them. And you damn well know it.

    So why not take my suggestions. Two easy ones but far reaching...

    Immediately reveal ALL ratings whether a comment was left or not and remove the helpful system completely.

    I am not the one pretending here. YOU ARE. The ONLY thing that matters to you is making money. And you cannot get that without hits.

    XXXXXX is a rgeat reviewer but she simply can't generate enough hits.

    You would gladly sacrifice her for 10 more XXXXXXx and if you deny it you are a fucking liar.

    But therein is your major problem.

    You didn't build the system directly where hits are required but you have to live by it. So you have a choice... Focus on quality and steady growth with GOOD users or focus on any dumb piece of shit.

    And don't give me this "Digital Camera's" review will have more value than a "Britney Spears" Bullshit.

    How often are those cameras reviewed?

    And how often would a list on Britney Spears be?

    Yeah you hypocritical asshole...

    You know the truth. And the painful truth is that it makes no difference if a digital camera review is worth 100 times what a britney Spears review is worth. The cheap dumb shit lists generate that and much more.

    So the idea telling users such a thing is asinine and insulting.

    You are in fact encouraging any nimrod to visit and use the site and any of their buddies to do the same.

    If a group of high school boys got together and 10 of them provided the site with 100 lists with 100 items and 100 comments each on those 100 items you would be thrilled.

    That would be THOUSANDS of pages of content and hits.

    Would you evne raise one concern that their focus was the most obscure senseless and meaningless crap?

    NO CHANCE. And if you deny that you are lying as well. I can already point to such things occurring at the site.

    So it pains me to see users such as XXXXXX who put in YEARS and made an effort not just ignored by the idiotic users you seek but by you as well.

    And no excuse you make will alter that reality.

    You hide behind the idea you can't determine what quality is and it is bullshit. Complete bullshit.

    You could easily determine quality adn reward effort. You don't because your goal is hits and money and to do so would hit you in the only place that matters. The pocketbook.

    You refuse to allow users to be "flamed" or so you claim. The very idea is asinine. But you have to do this because you know how many idiots are on the site and you can't very let other users flame them. And that old like that saying "xxxxxx is a moron" as opposed to "xxxxx made an idiotic commet"... That fine line you draw is so laughingly pathetic and stupid it doesn't even deserve a legitimate response.

    But XXXXXX routinely flames other users. He has done so to many users. But he is your golden boy. Not just in terms of hits but he does provide quality. More so thatn XXXXX dumbass one liners or XXXXX restate the obvious crap.

    You also govern language. You govern flames. You govern many things. You choose not to govern quality for one reason. MONEY.

    Your desire to try and take the high road with "Who am I judge" makes me so sick that every time you mention it is hurl chunks. And then I would proceed to rip into it. You unilaterally do many things. Almost all of which protects your bottom dollar.

    You can pretend to be whatever you want. But I will speak my mind when I see hypocrasy and stupidity.

    If you don't want me to speak on those things then eliminate them. Stop being a fucking hypocrit.

    Stop allowing stupidity.

    Those are also your choices.

    It is bad enough the site lays claim to ALL CONTENT posted on the site. Its offensive. And the very BLOG you use has a ToS too... It reserves the rights and ALL CONTENT to?

    The BLOG creator.

    You should strongly consider that.

    Do I plan on influencing change?

    Not at all. But I will speak my mind. It wasn't my decision to let the site become a haven for stupidity and nepotism. A buddy buddy area where any nimrod can invite his nimrod friends.

    Can you control all things? No. But you damn well can make an effort.

    And te next time you exchange message with xxxxx or xxxxxx go ahead and tell them what great reviewers you think they are. How much you respect their quality and effort. But don't forget that you will compliment XXXXX on his humor as well.

    You play all sides. But ultimately it is XXXXX and his kind you need most.

    XXXXX. XXXXX. XXXXX XXXX. XXXXX girlfriend. XXXXX other friend. XXXXX love interest.

    On and on. Can you eliminate issues like this? No. But you sure as hell can cerate ground rules and disallow stupidity.

    Amazing too... I have BARELY mentioned helpfuls in this reply. Isn't that INTERESTING. But how many times did I mention hypocrasy and stupidity?

    Helpfuls are a part of the sytem and part of the problem so I focus on it a times to put it in terms users understand. But I think I have made clear my views.

    I can't imagine you replying to this and have no interest in reading your excuses any longer.

    You, XXXXX and anyone else can rip on me all you want. I am sure xxxx is fully aware of my criticisms on the BLOG. He can claim to ignore me but I know better. I know which users read that BLOG for the most part and he is aware. His silence means nothing.

    And as to bashing users on the blog... Grow fucking up. This is the real world. If they don't care about the helpfuls or the criticisms it will be meaningless.

    Oh wait... How did my criticism on the RIA Reviewer list go?

    That's right. A rating of 3 that was mostly complimentary cause several to go APESHIT. But then again you choseto have that thin skinned type reviewer.

    So they may very well dislike my presence and request you do something to remove me etc...

    Do what you like. I will say what I want and get my point across when I deem it necessary. Hide and it will only make me more determined. At the very least I can send posts that you can read. I don't care. I don't care how many listen or if changes occur.

    I care about things that are wrong, hypocritical and/or stupid.

    I strongly dislike nimrods like XXXX being praised while users like XXXX are ignored.

    You created that atmosphere and only you can change it.

    Just don't expect me to sit idly by while you pretend about things or try to portray them as something they are not.

    You could do a great deal to eliminate my criticisms. But most would involve financial risks that at this point I can't see you taking.

    While I can see the reality it doesn't mean I will just shut up or ignore what I see.

    People in life have to make hard choices. It would have been easy for me to ................


    Does that mean I am better than you? Nope. But I think it means I am damned certainly more true to myself and my own principles.

    And that is what irritated most once when I read over your comments on RIA in various places on ethics and doing what is right. SHowing respect to elders, praising effort and many other things.

    Fucking hypocrit."

    You're a class act PB.

    Sorry to anyone who might have been offended by the nasty language but if someone is going to imply that I said something I didn't, I prefer to just put it out in the open and let folks decide for themselves.