Well it seems like some enterprising spammer has written a script to auto submit new site "suggestions" to one of RateItAll's categories.

So if anyone feels like sending an email to nataly2005@gmail.com to try and sell her prescriptions, online poker rooms, mortgages, feel free.

Here's a screenshot of a few of the hundreds of spammy submissions added by nataly2005.

Damn spammers try and break everything. Get a real job, folks. Like telemarketing or drug dealing or something. Oh yeah, many of you ARE drug dealers.

Because of bozos like this, eventually we'll have to add one of those annoying "captcha" things where you have to decipher some handwritten letters before submitting. Argh.


  1. It's the internet.

    RIA is already infected completely with its stupidity (Numbah). So what else do you expect?

    Wait until a user figures out how to do the same thing with helpful clicks.

  2. Hahaha . . . nice . . .

    I was getting annoyed by getting "list item suggestions" that ask me to go to their porn site.

  3. I doesn't surprise me that someone finally started spamming the site; the internet is full of this behavior, unfortunately. I never actually had an issue with this, but if it does happen, I've been warned...