Congrats to Genghis the Hun...

... on being the first to have 100 RateItAll reviewers add him to their trusted network.


  1. First let me say BRAVO to this post by Magellan:

    "Maybe it's because he's rated almost everything there is to rate, but I rarely see anything but nonsense fron GTH these days.

    I see GTH as a casualty of the helpful vote system - it's flat out easier to write a one sentence, nonsense post and have one of your buddies click helpful than it is to put some thought into your post.

    In his quest to collect helpfuls, it would appear that Genghis has lost his helpfulness as a reviewer.

    Ahhh.... the sad irony."

    Now let me say WHAT A DAMN HYPOCRIT.

    A BLOG mention here praising him for being the first to get 100 "trusted" users on the same day THAT post is made.

    It is just as ironic as the mention he made in the post.

    And it goes to the heart of my view that the trusted network is meaningless.

    It should not list the users who TRUST YOU.

    Each page should list the users YOU TRUST.

    It would only be slightly better by doing so but is a much better gauge. For example...

    Knowing Magellan is the site owner I MIGHT be interested to know who HE TRUSTS. Knowing who trusts him, especially since he has finally announced he is the site owner is all but meaningless.

    But as site owner if he chooses to trust a user it at last means they are not overtly cheating. To any degree he can prove at least.

    And Molfan... I could care less that 30 or so users trust her but I sure as hell would like to know what few she chose to trust given her time on the site.

    And that brings me to Numbah and Genghis. Both at or near 100 who trust them.

    Such relatively new users, and in the case of Genghis Hun a FRESHMAN but they both have soared to the top of the list. Why?

    Even the site admin admits Genghis is all but useless as far as helpful goes these days.

    And I'd love to hear arguments from some chump on how and the hell Numbah posts anything but humorless garbage. No way anyone can legitmately claim Numbah makes effort or does more than even post stupid one liners.

    Yet both are trusted by almost 100. What a damn joke.

    I'd like to know instead who THEY TRUST so I can immediately disqualify them from having my trust.

    It would also make it easier to take those few users I TRUST and make a network by adding theirs.

    Instead RIA does the opposite. There is no way to see what users such as Castlebee trust. I can only see those that trust her.

    Many may click trust only because they see her name ranked high. But If the list were CORRECT and showed who Castlebee chose to trust...

    That would mean something.

    Still, the site admin is contradicting himself to make that post on the same day he draws attention to Genghis ascension to "Most trusted with over 100".

  2. Does the person who pushed GTH to the big 100 get a free coffee mug or something?