Who's the stranger in the red cowboy hat?

It's JonTheMan.

On a recent tour of San Francisco, one of my favorite RIA reviewers stopped by the RateItAll compound, joined me for some Mexican food at Buen Sabor in the Mission District, and yes, even sat down at the RIA control panel.


  1. Awwww, you didn't take a picture of his face? Darn it.

    *giggle* somehow, I pictured RIA's central station would be more . . . er, well, "office-y" than it seems. ; P~.

  2. Rest assured, Kamy, my face is as ruggedly handsome as my red cowboy hat is egregiously flamboyant. Maybe I'll post a picture of my face sometime in the future.

    I also kinda thought the nerve centre of RIA would be more "office-ey", but I rather like how casual it is.

  3. Central Station? Nerve Center?

    Please get it straight - it's the RateItAll High Command. And yes, it's very office-y... in sort of a badass kind of way.

    As far as JonTheMan's rakish good looks, I can confirm that RateItAll's female staff has been in a tizzy since Jon sauntered out of here a couple of hours ago.

    It's been all that I can do to bring the High Command back to some semblance of normalcy. Thanks a lot Jon...

  4. LOL, I was trying not to say it, but "egregiously flamboyant" does sum up the cowboy hat pretty well. *duck*

    Nah, RIA High Command doesn't look very office-y, sorry, Lawrence. Looks more dorm room-ish (making up adjectives is clearly not within my capabilities today).

    I think we need to get you a poster. Maybe this one (http://www.despair.com/compromise.html).

    . . . okay, time to go to bed before I am digitally flogged . . .

    (this whole "Daylight Savings Time" thing is totally screwing me up).

  5. The picture doesn't quite do justice to the "high command", Kamy. If the high command looks dorm-roomish, then my dorm room must be really, really rubbish.

    I wonder what the opinions of other reviewers are on my egregiously flamboyant headgear. How might you, say, rate it out of five?

  6. Jon: I do have ONE question :) Why red? I don't mind cowboy hats, but red is definitely an unusual color for one.

  7. . . . umm . . . are we rating the hat based on attractiveness, or how bright it is? :D

  8. I'm with Kamy on the rating system for the lovely hat :)

  9. Vudija: I bought the hat because I thought it created a fascinating duality between earthy traditionalism and decadent outrageousness.

    That and the fact it was one of the few hats in the store that came in extra-large. I have a pretty big head.

    Kamy: The former, as I certainly am well aware of the latter.