More Redesign Stuff

A couple of clarifications:

- To create a Weblist, click the "edit/create/manage" link on your profile. I saw someone saying that creating Weblists is no longer free... i have no idea where that came from. Weblists are free and will be so for the foreseeable future. I suggest that if someone is asking you for money on RateItAll, that you politely decline to give it to them.

- There used to be a feature that let Weblist publishers view all comments that had been left in their Weblist. We're working on bringing that feature back ASAP - leaving it out was an oversight, and not any planned thing.

- The View All link on ratings lists is coming back.

- The paragraph thing is a bug. We're working on restoring the ability to use paragraphs in reviews.

- If you have to scroll horizontally to fully see a page. It's a bug. Please provide me with details if this is happening to you.

I would really appreciate it if folks could try and separate redesign feedback from bug feedback - obviously, if something doesn't work, it's not going to get a high rating :)

Please continue to send the bug reports in to me, and we'll get this thing cleaned up. Thanks for your patience.

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