Toddler Hockey Fight

My friend Greg Hartnett, of Best of the Web fame, showed me this video last week in Boston. His four year old son had apparently been harassed throughout toddler hockey practice. Finally, Jr. snapped and sent a message to any and all in his way.

Jr. is the one with his back to the camera at the beginning of video.

My favorite part is the frantic chase scene at the end.

(make sure to turn the volume up)



  1. This begs the question:

    How does one admonish a child for doing something (fighting, saying inappropriate things) when you're trying not to laugh at how funny it was?

  2. he is actually a gentle kid. compassionate, kind, and good humored. he does however have the patience level of a four year old :)

    thanks for posting the video lawrence. it was a blast seeing you in boston. i look forward to catching up again out west.