known bugs

Hi all, thanks for the bug reports.

Here are a couple of known bugs:

Registration Confirmation Emails aren't going out

The Delete Item function for Weblists is not working

Some people have reported duplication in adding new items to weblists

Pictures in the "Reviewers Most Interested In" are not showing up properly, and old images are showing up

There character limit on reviews is broken - if you write more than a couple of sentences it says, "please limit yourself to 5000 characters."

Some indexes are showing weblists instead of RIA topics and vice versa.

The feature to view all of the recent reviews on your weblists is missing.

I'm sure there will be more bugs unearthed as the day goes on - please keep sending them in!

Some feedback on the redesign is coming in HERE.

editor's note: please keep in mind that you are looking at the first public beta release. a lot of stuff will be cleaned up in the coming days :)


  1. Ran across a couple of the listed ones already. Got another one for you...

    The site keeps randomly logging me out. I can't narrow it down to any specific page, as it seems to kick me off after viewing 2-3 pages, and I don't know why. It wasn't doing it earlier though...

  2. Seems it isn't going to do it again, but if it does I'll try to find what link/action causes it...