Thanks to the RIA Alpha Testers

I just wanted to give a big public thank you to some of the folks who have been poking around the new RIA and sending in bug reports. Kamylienne, Vudija, Wiseguy, Minkeydude, and Ruby have been especially helpful in pointing out bugs. Ridgewalker and StarkTruth have made a couple of excellent feature suggestions - one of which is being adopted asap (having Popular Topics and Hottest Weblists be driven by reviews and not ratings).

The new site is really coming along... if all goes well, we'll be rolling it live this weekend.


  1. This weekend, really? Sooner than I thought, although glad to hear it. And you're welcome for the help, glad I could run through it for you.

    As for Ridge and Stark: that idea sounds great. Either works, but I think I'll like the adopted way better.

  2. Wow, I'm impressed, that was really quick! Well, I'm looking forward to the new site, good luck with it!

  3. ...and you all thought I was just a rightwing hack.

    Nice job on the new site!