Cool Profile Pages

The page that I think has made the most progress in the redesign is the profile page. The new design is much cleaner and visually appealing, and the photo is much larger. We also have better software that prevents images from getting stretched.

Here are some examples of profile pages that I think look spectacular in the new design:


  1. Clicked around the new site for a while today. I like the new look, and really like the user page, I encourage everybody to upload a user pic, it completes the look of the userpage.
    Try not to use a pic with a large file size, it takes a bit longer to load the page, I'm sure Lawrence would appreciate it too.

  2. My userpic looked a bit sketchy--possibly the file type? Doesn't matter; I'm getting tired of that pic anyway :) Time for a change; although, not tonight. Soon though for sure.

    Aside from that; I also poked around and find that I like the new design, especially the userpage. I didn't change my profile to view how the "expertise" section would work for MY items, but I did see it from magellan's. Have to say that I like that aspect, as well.

  3. Question: Is there a specific resolution that we have to work with? I know it used to be 110x94 px, but the new pages seem to show user pics at varying dimensions. Also, will the pictures for the item pages also be of varying sizes as well?

  4. The user pics have been engineered to work at various dimensions.

    The item pages are still formatted into the old size - I'm seeing if we can either boost up the size a bit, or allow folks to click on the image for a closer look.