Weblist Suggestion Tool Ready to Go

As promised, we are ready to go with the Weblist Suggestion Management Tool.

On your user page, new item suggestions and personal messages are now separated. Clicking on the Weblist suggestions link will show you a summary of all of the Weblist suggestions that have been submitted by RateItAll users.

Here's how the tool works:

1) Click on the "View" link that corresponds with a particular Weblist suggestion to see the details of that suggestion.

2) Once you've clicked "View," you will be able to review and edit the submitted Item Name, Item Description, and Related Links submitted by the RateItAll member. You will also be able to upload an image to correspond with the item, and to see whatever rating / review the submittor has posted for the new item suggestion.

3) Depending on the quality / appropriateness of the suggestion, you can either check the "Approve" or "Reject" buttons, and then click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. Clicking submit generates an automatic personal message sent to the submittor, informing them of the status of their suggestion.

That's it. I'll hope that you'll find that this is an incredibly easy and effective way to manage new suggestions for your Weblists. We've had this tool active for a few weeks on the main RateItAll side, and it's been a great help.

One more thing: all user Weblist suggestions are copied in the RateItAll Administrator mailbox. I think the way we're going to handle these is that we'll wait a week before submitting/rejecting Weblist suggestions that have gone unanswered.

Please remember to delete processed Weblist suggestions! And keep an eye out for bugs, as this is a new feature.

Enjoy... you can give feedback here.

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