Introducing...... Paragraphs

OK, in the interest of readability, we are going to experiment with allowing RIA posters to use paragraphs in their reviews.

The idea is that some of these reviews are long enough that breaking them up into paragraphs will make them more readable.

To enter a paragraph, just click "return" on your keyboard (I feel a little like the stewardesses on the plane giving a demonstration of the seat belt). You should know how to make a paragraph by now.

Please don't abuse this.


  1. Since we have the ability to make paragraphs now, that might solve the problem of the "updates". With paragraphs, they won't be crammed together with the original comment and it will be easier to read.

  2. That's a great point James. I'd like to say that this was a planned benefit of allowing paragraphs, but the thought never crossed my mind :)