Tips on Uploading Images to Weblists

Has anyone noticed that images and item descriptions make for better, and more popular Weblists?

Two good recent examples are spartacus007's "people who are screwing up america" list and James76255's "Democrats say stupid things too" list. Some might not be crazy about the subject matter, but these guys' use of images and descriptions is impressive.

A couple of tips on uploading images:

- Wikipedia.org is an excellent source of images. Not only do they have a wealth of high quality images on virtually any topic, ALL of their images are in the public domain and may be republished legally.

- Images should be sized to 110(width) x 94(height). Sizing can be done with a wide variety of photo editing software. I use Photoshop, which works great.

- If you don't have photo editing software, or just can't be bothered, don't despair. A quick and easy tip to finding images that will look great on your weblist is to look for images that are slightly wider than they are tall. These images won't get stretched out when you upload them to the site.

That's it for now... I'm sure some of the Weblisters extraordinaires will have more tips.

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  1. For those who don't have Photoshop; a possibility would be to use a program called GIMP (no, it's nothing perverted); it's a generic picture editor that you get get at www.downloads.com. It's not anywhere near as good as Photoshop (GIMP v. 2.0.3 actually kinda sucks, in my opinion), but it'll crop & resize your pictures well enough, if that's all you need.