RSS For User Pages Ready to Go

Hi All,

We finally have RSS / MyYahoo functionality working for user comments and ratings lists.

In other words, you can now feed the most recent comments of any other RateItAll reviewer, or any Top 10 list from a RateItAll ratings list, to your personal site or blog. I tried it out, and it's pretty cool.

All you have to do is to click the MyYahoo button that you see on any user comments page, or ratings list page, to add that pages content to your MyYahoo page.

This feature has been added for your own personal use, and may not be used for any commercial purposes....


  1. I think you meant any Top 20.

  2. PB, you are correct, as is occasionally the case. Glad to see someone has tried it.

  3. Occasionally? And here I was lead to believe by the RIA masses that was a 1 in a million thing.