Problems with Weblist Index

Some problems with the Weblist index.

Currently, under Weblists < Features, there are a number of sub categories that are missing, and a number of sub categories that are being displayed that shouldn't be.

Thanks to Traderboy for the feedback.

We are working on the issue.


  1. Have you decided if the blog is a hit yet? I say yes. It's an unobtrusive way of putting information (technical, community, content) out there and letting members decide how much is too much. helps with that community thing without flooding people's boxes or cluttering the welcome page on RIA.

  2. i definitely like it for keeping people informed of new features and bugs. and there will most likely be lots of those in the next couple of weeks.

  3. I was making up a new list and noticed that I can't properly categorize-headings still missing. Please post when corrected, V

  4. What about that damn drop-down menu that lists all those locals and clutters things up when I want to see just the main categories?