Movie Smackdown Wrap-Up

The KPMG auditors have finally left the Global RIA HQ after a grueling 48 hours of sifting through and analyzing movie reviews for authenticity, quality, and depth.

The results are now in, the volunteers have gone home, the press have moved on to the next big story, and things are returning to a degree of normalcy here.

I am pleased to announce that Twansalem has won his first RIA review contest, authoring over 100 quality movie reviews in just 24 hours. Here's a sample - a review of the the teen remake of Cruel Intentions:

Irishgit staged a late rally but ran out of hours. For a taste of IG's work, check out the following:

For a few hours in the afternoon, a time rich law student named SperryC made a big push as well. If he had been able to keep up this level of production for a few more hours, he may have finished in the money. Here's a taste of his reviews:

We had a lot of fun at RIA HQ watching the movie reviews roll in, and a number of us jotted down movies that we'd like to see (as well as some that sound just awful).

We're going to try and run a Music Review contest on Friday. Hopefully some of you wall flowers will get out there and dance this time.

Thanks to all that participated, and prizes and t-shirts will go out this week.

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