50 Minutes Until Game Time

Movie smack down begins in 50 minutes.

Send an email to contest@rateitall.com to participate.


  1. Lawrence...You need to check with your T-shirt guys, because the one that Stark received (labeled X-L) would fit an 8-year old girl...maybe. I'm not kidding. It was so small ("How small was it?") that while I was turned away, a breeze lifted it up and dropped it in the sauce and I mistook it for a slice of mushroom (until it got stuck between my teeth). But it's not unappreciated, for sure, because in around a month, Stark becomes a Great Grandma and we do believe that after one washing, it will fit the baby perfectly.
    Thanks, Ridge

  2. The kids apparently like them snug these days. The brand is American Apparel.

    Hopefully the baby is not frightened by the Demon Star.

  3. I have just seen the contest!! And too bad that missed it -,-

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