Import Your Netflix Ratings to RateItAll

We now have a feature that lets you import your Netflix ratings and reviews into RateItAll.

Here's how to do it:

1) login

2) go to Home

3) in the right sidebar, click the Netflix logo


  1. Yea, tried it out... smiley star did some work for a minute or two, then it said "error"

    RIA seems to have imported about 20 ratings, and none of my Netflix reviews.

    I'll try it again some other time.


  2. Michael, I think we're limited to 20 ratings for the moment, but it's supposed to be able to pull in all of your reviews. And it's not supposed to say "error."

    Let me look into it.

  3. Lawrence,

    It might be due to my account being on hold, as I was out of town last month. After I turn it back on, I'll try to use the RIA importer again and see if it works. Maybe Netflix blocks my reviews if my account is on hold?


    P.S. Do you pull the reviews from the Netflix users' RSS feed for reviews? I could check to see if that is still working for me...