Congratulations to our Music Review Contest Winners

Our top finishers in the music contest were:

1) Oscargamblesfro

2) IrishGit

3) FranksWildYears

Prizes will go out by the end of the week.

Now that Twansalem has a Netflix account, he can't be bothered to participate in our contests.

As has been the case with our previous two reviews contests, I found to the quality of the reviews to be very, very high.

Here is a taste:


  1. Is that a backhanded challenge for the next contest?

    Yeah, it's true, last Friday afternoon I was setting up my Netflix account and picking out movies, and that evening I watched a couple of movies with Mrs. Twan.

  2. How does this work exactly? I've moved around several times since joining the site some years back. Do I need to email my current address to Rate It All?