Less than Six Hours Left in the Movie Review Smackdown

There is some serious drama unfolding on RIA in our movie review contest.

Twansalem awoke early and blazed off to a huge lead, perhaps thinking that shock and awe would dissuade other wannabe contestants.

But alas, things would not be so easy.

Twansalem's furious start awoke the sleeping RIA giant, Irishgit who has stormed back with quality review, after quality review. Amazingly, Irishgit briefly took his eye off the ball to participate in a vicious flame war about white poultry meat versus dark. We'll see if this detour costs him.

And just when it looked like a two horse race, a slacking, third year law student, with nothing but time on his hands, has joined the fray.

With under six hours left to play, it looks like three contenders. But if we've learned anything today, things can change in a hurry.

Is there a late burst left from anyone? Will Zuchinibut get serious? Will Numbah put his money where his mouth is? Will Cyclee get off the sidelines? Can Edt4, one of the top movie reviewers on the site, limit himself to three sentences?

In a few short hours we will know the answers to these questions.

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