Today's Updates

We rolled in a bunch of fixes / updates today:

- The editing profile / account bug is fixed.  You should now have no problem embedding videos and things
- We expanded the length of the feed.  We doubled the number of stories in the default feeds from 10 to 20, and each time you click more, you get another block of 20.  This should reduce the clicking required to see content.
- We enabled video and safe html embeds like YouTube videos into reviews and item descriptions.  We're still working providing editing buttons for things like bold, link, and italics for your reviews.
- We fixed a number of one off bugs
- We tightened up quiz results, stripping out results from folks who have only rated a couple of things within a test.  We also changed the definition of a "match" for the purposes of calculating a compatibility score.  Before today, a 4 was considered a match with a 3, 4, or 5.  We've now put in exact matching for the compatibility calculation.  Because of this, you will no longer see pages of 100% matches, but the results will be more meaningful.

I think those are the big things.

If you bear with us, you'll notice a gradual tightening of the site as we listen to your feedback and squash known bugs.

Thanks for your patience!

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