Rate Any Business in the Whole Wide World

Here's another feature that's kind of neat with V3, that we didn't have with V2.

In V2, we had a RateItAll Local section that was limited to about seventy big cities in the US. If you didn't live in one of those big cities, you were out of luck in terms of rating local establishments in your home town.

In V3, we turn things upside down. Instead of folks having to wait for RateItAll to add a city to its directory to rate a local business, we add the the city to our directory WHEN you add and rate the local business.

What this means is that any RateItAll member can add and rate any local business in the world. We have just about every country covered, and we can now build out a local directory on the fly for any city, town, or village, in any country.

Try it out HERE.


  1. I just added a few restaurants from the small town I live in, and works pretty smoothly. I guess I'll have to wait untill the list actually shows up before I make a complete judgment, but so far it looks pretty good. This (and the similar feature for adding and rating regular items) actually might be my favorite feature of V3 so far.

  2. Twansalem, I just went in and approved those items. There is now a living, breathing Solon, Iowa directory on the web. And if you click "fave" on this page: http://www.rateitall.com/c-ll-4042-solon.aspx you will see all reviews of Solon, Iowa in your news feed. There's some powerful shit in V3 - it's just going to take a little while to figure out how everything works.

    One other point - even before an admin approves those restaurants, they are live on RateItAll. The URL will work for those places. "Approving" just means making the items show up in 1) search; 2) on the list itself; and 3) the "everyone" news feed. Even if an item is not approved, you can share the URL with other people and they will find it.

  3. I noticed that they were live immediately, I just wanted to check out the full effect first, and for me that means the existance of the actual list. But sure enough, the list is now there as you said, and it looks good. Great new feature.