Improvements to Item and Topic Pages

We are quietly plugging away on implementing some of the things we had on V2 that didn't make it into the V3 launch.

We've tightened up the list pages, including adding back the precise numerical rating for each item on the list:

We've added "Next List, Next Item" links at the bottom of every list and item, which makes it easier to browse horizontally through the site:

We've added a neat "Also Listed In" feature to the sidebar on every item page that pulls up other places in the site where the same item appears. Here's an example for "Madonna":

Stay tuned for more tweaks and improvements - little by little we are getting there.

1 comment:

  1. I like the return of the two V2 features that have now returned. I noticed both before reading of their addition here. Definitely made it nice to view a list for me. I also like the Also Listed In feature. I think that will be very cool to keep track of in the future.