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We just added a snippet of code that lets you put a "Rate Me!" button on your site that corresponds to any listing on RateItAll.com.

One obvious use for this button will be for Blog owners and Webmasters to get feedback on their sites and blogs, or on the RateItAll Local side, for small business owners to get feedback on their customer service.

Here's an example of a Rate Me! button for the RateItAll Blog:

Rate RateItAll Blog on RateItAll.comView reviews for RateItAll Blog on RateItAll.comRateItAll

Clicking on the top will allow you to rate the item directly from the button, clicking on the bottom will let you view reviews of the item.

We still need to do some tweaking to get the user experience right (I'd like to have mouse-over text that explains what each click does), but I think this is a great start.

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