Dynamic Widgets

OK, we've just launched a new version of the RateItAll Widget - that piece of code that you see at the bottom of any RateItAll ratings list that lets you put any RateItAll ratings list or Weblist on your own site.

You will now see two options for your widget: 1) Dynamic; and 2) Static.

A static widget is one that works on MySpace profiles, Friendster profiles, and other sites that don't allow you to use scripts. This type of widget is just a snapshot of a RateItAll ratings list at a given point in time. It doesn't update as the ratings change, and it doesn't allow you to rate directly from the widget. It's recommended that you update your widget code from time to time in order to display accurate rating data.

The dynamic widget takes this concept a step further. Once you add this bit of code to your site, it will update automatically as more ratings come in. Even better, a dynamic widget allows people to rate stuff, directly from your site. Folks who are logged in to RateItAll can trigger a Rate It! window directly from the widget, and those who do not yet have a membership, will trigger a hybrid Rate It! / registration page.

Dynamic Widgets currently work on any site that accepts scripts including Typepad, Blogger (tempage section only), and any personal Web site.

For those of you looking to add an interactive component to your sites, I can't imagine an easier way than the RateItAll dynamic widget.

For an example of a dynamic widget, please note the "Feedback on RateItAll's Redesign" section in the left margin of this page. Try rating something to try it out.

Where things will get really interesting is when we integrate the RateItAll Economy program into these widgets.

Picture this: you create a world class Weblist about some topic that captures the imagination of some blogger. That blogger puts your Weblist on their blog by copying the widget code. Included in the widget code is some ad code, that tracks back to your Google Adsense ID.

More bloggers and Webmasters see this widget, and want it on their own sites. Each time it's published, your ads are showing up. Suddenly thousands of people who have never heard of RateItAll are seeing your Weblist, some of whom are clicking on your ads.

This is the power of Widgets + Google Adsense, and we'll be working hard to make this a reality in the coming months.

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