More Widget Stuff

Well, we've been working very hard trying to get the RateItAll dynamic widgets ready for prime time.

I think we now have them to a point where I'm getting a little more comfortable. They work on Blogger, MySpace, TypePad and other formats. The resize to fit any width, including very narrow blog sidebars.

Both the dynamic and static widget now allow interaction - rating and reviewing (and even RIA registration) directly from the site that is hosting the widget.

But I'm looking for more data. I'm hoping some of the RIA regulars who are also bloggers will help me out and try putting a widget (maybe one of their Weblists?) on their blog.

If you need help in adding a widget to your blog, ask me. In exchange for helping me test this feature, I'd be happy to write up your blog on this blog, and maybe provide you with little more exposure.

The RateItAll widget code can be found at the bottom of any RateItAll ratings list or Weblist. See below for an example.


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