New Feature: Testimonials

I think that a big part of the enjoyment of RIA from a writing perspective, is in the instant feedback that you get from the community. Whether it be a rebuttal post, a helpful vote, or a blurb on the RateItAll Reviewers list.

Well we just launched another feedback mechanism - this feature is called "Testimonials" and it allows any registered member to post feedback on the profile page of any other RateItAll member.

Recipients of feedback / testimonials can delete stuff that they find offensive - though in the spirit of RateItAll, I would hope that we go easy on the delete feature.

Here's a screenshot from MA Duron's Profile page:

You can post a testimonial about any RateItAll reviewer by clicking the link that says "Write a Testimonial about _____" that appears on the left hand side of every profile page.

You can write more than one testimonial about the same reviewer, but you can't write a testimonial about yourself.

To turn off email notifications of when people post new testimonials about you, just click the link at the bottom of your profile page in the testimonials section.

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to leave a testamonial on NeoNaziBill's profile and call him a cracker.