Weblist Ratings

I'm looking seriously at implementing some sort of community quality control over Weblists. As more and more Weblists gets created, it is becoming more important to find ways to ensure that higher quality Weblists (more original, more carefully constructed, more useful), get more airplay than lower quality Weblists.

The most reasonable way to do this will be to utilize a Weblist's rating to determine which ones deserve more airplay.

So I'd encourage people to make full use of the Weblist rating feature. And please, try to rate the Weblist based on its own merits, and not how friendly you are with its author :)


  1. I too have noticed a proliferation of poorly though out weblists. How can reviewers delete some of their own weblists? And why has it been taking so long for posts to show up on the comments page? Dealing with problems like these we go a long way in improving the site.

  2. "And please, try to rate the Weblist based on its own merits, and not how friendly you are with its author". You know... The way all the ballsy people rate other reviewers on the weblist. Without any personality worries. There won't be any ego stroking or excuse makinng. The "Tell me How you feel about" and the "A random list of Questions" lists will both be blasted and silly and pointless.

    People wouldn't possibly make excuses for such asinine lists just because they are buddies with the list creator or the fact they would likely lose helpfuls for criticizing it.


    On RIA people these days strive for quality comments and lists. So letting the inmates police the asylum is a great idea right?

    It certainly is an easy way to circumvent the webmaster responsibilities of quality control. And Pontius Pilate washed his hands of the affair...

    It's nice to see people being responsible for things once again. Now, when a crappy list gets airplay people can always ease back in their chair and smile. "it's what the people want". What difference does it make that the list covers the most obscure questions on where dogs go to crap in the dark. All of RIA is filled with glee at the creation of such a list that allows for sarcasm, chit-chat, and above all complete medicority.