New Features!

OK, a bunch of stuff just launched.

You can now set email alerts on the following:

1) When a new review is posted to a specific item (we had this before, but now it's easier to manage)
2) When a new item is added to a specific ratings list (RIA or Weblist or Local)
3) When a specific user leaves a new review
4) When a specific user creates a new Weblist

#1 can be triggered from three places: the ratings list page, the RateIt! page, and the item page.
#2 can be triggered from the ratings list page.
#3 and #4 can be triggered from that user's profile page.

Also, there is now a "User Block" feature. This feature is triggered on an incoming personal message. If you get an unwanted personal message, you can now block the person who sent it from contacting you again.

Blocking a user also prevents them from setting alert type #3 for your reviews.

You can manage all your alerts and user blocks via links from your profile page.

Got all that? As there are a lot of changes involved in these features, be on the look out for bugs.

Feel free to email me with questions lawrence AT rateitall.com.

Have fun with them, and please test them out.

1 comment:

  1. OK, I've tested most of these... everything seems to be working except for alert #2. Stay tuned...