WebList Rating Scale Tool

OK, another new feature just went live.

You can now set a ratings scale for your WebLists (e.g. 5 = Strongly Agree, 1 = Strongly Disagree).

This ratings scale will be displayed right under the title of your WebList, and will also populate the drop-down fields on the RateIt! page when people try and rate that WebList.

The ratings scale is a required field for all WebLists made from now on. I'm hoping that this feature will help remind people that RateItAll is a ratings site, and that while forum-like discussions can be fun, they're really not what RateItAll is about.

For older WebLists without a viable ratings scale, I wouldn't worry too much about them. We will most likely moving them to User Page Only status, in order to start adding a little structure to the Wild West that is WebLists.

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