RateLocal Promotion

Hi all, just a quick heads up:

We're going to be running another RateLocal promotion, with a chance to win a 20GB iPod or $300 gift certificate from Amazon.

Here's how it's going to work - the RIA member who leaves the most qualifying reviews of local businesses on RateLocal between August 10 and August 24, will have their choice of the two prizes listed above.

We ran this promotion about 2 months ago, and RIA user Jder walked away with a new iPod.

For a review to be considered a "qualifying review" it needs to be at least 2 sentences long, be in your own words, and reflect your personal experience at the local business.

To participate in this promotion, you must send an email to promotions@rateitall.com before 6 PM Central Time on August 24 (the last day of the contest) that includes your full legal name, your street address, your telephone number, and your age as of the last day of the contest. For the full rules of the contest, click HERE.

Remember, you can take full advantage of the "Add a new item" feature - this feature makes it possible to rate ANY merchant in or around the 52 cities covered by RateLocal - your bank, your grocery store, your favorite retailers, restaurants, bars, gas stations, dry cleaners, etc, etc, etc.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

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