Orphaned Weblists

I've created a Weblist account for orphaned Weblists - Weblists whose original author is no longer willing or able to administer them. These Weblists can be found HERE.

In other Weblist news, you may have noticed a slight change to the Weblist administration tool. Weblist authors are no longer able to delete comments from their Weblists - this responsibility will now fall to RIA Administrators, and eventually, to RIA Mods.

Finally, as some of you know, a former Weblist author recently deleted thousands of reviews. We're working to restore these reviews. It may take a couple of days or weeks, but we should be able to bring them back... doing frequent back-ups to a database the size of RIA's can be a pain, but every once in a while you remember why you do it.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. So RIA does in fact take responsiblity for managing and editing weblists. I resent my lists being placed in an "orphaned" web page. My lists were not orphaned and I had already made efforts to have various users recreate them. But RIA panders to all the whining. Oh I lost my comments. Oh I lost my helpfuls. Please help. God it is so damn pathetic. RIA users should take note of this.

    RIA has steadfastly maintained that it does not and would not make determinations on weblist quality and has nothing to do with weblist management or editing. It says so on each and every weblist page. So what grand excuse will RIA make on this issue?

    Orphaned? Well explain why 10 of my lists were taken from my user page and placed on the "orphaned" section. And when was that done? When a hurricane is hitting the gulf coast. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost jobs, homes and relatives. And as I sit in the dark RIA slinks around and messes with something it always stated was not their domain.

    I clean out a destroyed house belonging to my sister in law. 4 feet of mud and nasty water covered her lifes work. Literally. Art work decades old she painstakingly drew. Clothes, furniture, irreplaceable photos. And her situation is meager by comparison to many.

    And by now I am sure RIA has posted a great little message on helping those affected. But RIA had the time to sneak in and pull away those weblists. God knows you can't let the RIA masses whine about lost comments and helpfuls.

    And has it always been RIA's practice to "retrieve" weblists and the comments/helpfuls therein? Nope. When Chauncey was deleted, Axlrod, Ralph, and many others... When the rare user requested a purge... The weblists they created, the comments contained within them, the helpfuls associated with them... All gone. And the helpfuls the user account were associated with... All gone.

    But RIA can't show me the same courtesy. No. They have to step in. Because with Chauncey and others the loss was noticeable but not excessive or broad. With me? Oh yes RIA. I gave out many helpfuls and My weblists had many comments. The impact in this case is broad. So once again RIA will bypass its SOP.

    I told my wife I was going to leave the site. She happened in on me the first night as I was deleting variosu things. I explained to my wife I was going to request my account be purged. I even exaplined to my wife that the stanard would be just requesting a purge and all of it would be gone.

    So my wife asked why I was deleting each item. And I explained to her that I did not trust the RIA admin to show me the same courtesy and follow its SOP for 6 years. It also would serve as one last testament and solid proof that the RIA admin lacks ethics and integrity.

    My wife laughed. She thought it would be pathetic that the RIA admin would not honor SOP just because MORE helpfuls and comments were at stake. It sounded quite petty and juvenile to her. But guess who has to pay for the steak dinner now? You got it.

    All my wife can do now is shake her head at just how pathetic people are. Her sisters life sits in ruins and the gulfcoast is devestated by a storm and all RIA is really worried about are those helpfuls and comments. And RIA will bypass its own adamant stance on weblists to satisfy the whiners.

    And don't post some "I am sorry for the loss" bullsh*t. I am not buying it. Feel free to post that you are one of the many who whined like a baby over lost comments and helpfuls though. Have some balls and admit just how lame you are.

    And All of RIA should remember how much of it is bullsh*t. I spent hours, days, and in some cases weeks putting my lists together. My comments as well. RIA stated time and time again weblists were USER creations and it would honor that. it would not alter, edit or in any way manage the lists. And with rare exception did it delete a comment and even more rare a list.

    RIA has proven all of that means nothing. If you create weblists or post comments and just decide you are done with the site and want them gone... You now know that RIA will not necessarily abide by its own statements and standards.

    But be happy RIA. Soon you will have all your comments and helpfuls back. Soon you will be joyful when your place on the most helpful list is restored. 1000 or more dead along the coast but hey, you got back what matters.

    If RIA had honor it would let my things die off as it did with all those before. If RIA had honor it would let me give those lists to the users I chose. But RIA did not even ask. No, just a warning I was being destructive. Destructive? Because I deleted lists I CREATED and the site steadfastly DENIED MANAGEMENT OF?

    It doesn't wash.

    And if RIA users had any honor they would tell RIA to let their comments and helpfuls die. As was always the case. But RIA is obviously not going to be honorable in the matter. Going so far as to steal a users lists. An ACTIVE users lists. They could steal yours one day too. At least now you know they can and will if they see fit.

    It remains to be seen if RIA users will be honorable and request their helpfuls and comments not be restored.

    My guess is that almost every single user is happy RIA breeched ethics. Is pleased they will regain their precious helpfuls and comments. I find it all rather pathetic. And those same RIA users and the admin will profess great empathy and compassion towards the hurricane victims. Empathy and compassion? From people who can't even get past losing some comments and helpfuls?


  2. By now RIA has read my original message. Heh. I did not expect a response. But RIA is walking a fine line on this issue. One I expected. Ultimately their true purpose and focus is made clear here and anyone with a sense for ethics and principles would be understandably concerned. A very poor assumption was made that the "former weblist author" was being petty etc... I recommend all RIA users rethink a site that will act in an unethical manner. Excuses can be made and I am sure they will be but remember that it could be YOU next. And considering that RIA purged several key users AND THEIR LISTS that cost many RIA users comments and helpfuls one has to wonder WHY they suddenly felt this need to take not one or a few lists but over ONE HUNDRED. The slight name changes are amusing but pointless. I am not even sure why the effort was made in that regard. I have a guess but it isn't going to be enough. What a tangled web we weave once they practice to deceive.