Buy Back Announcements

The newest batch of WebList Buy Back winners was just announced.

The big winner was earthbound, who was nominated and won for not one, but two WebLists - Puzzles and Animal Usage.

Some veteran Weblisters such as irishgit, tboneya, and redoedo hit paydirt, as well as relative newcomer texasyankee, who did a fantastic job with images and descriptions in her South Park Episodes WebList.

Thanks to everyone who makes WebLists, and remember, keep those nominations coming.


  1. And let's not forget RIA's new "Steal Back" winners. Also known as "orphaned" lists. A cheap and easy way to quiet the whining RIA masses and gain control of some decent lists. All at the low low price of sacrificing all principles and integrity. Congratulations. Enron would be so proud.

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