Two Weblist Tweaks Went Live

We rolled in two new changes to how we manage Weblists today.

Change #1 - On RateItAll, we let people leave whenever they want, removing all of their content in the process. We firmly believe that your thoughts are your own, and if you want to leave - for any reason - you can do it, with no questions asked. We're pretty unique on the web that way.

However, one point of contention has been that when disgruntled reviews self purge they not only remove their own reviews, but by deleting weblists that they had published, they remove all of the reviews that others had posted within those lists. At times, this has bordered on the catastrophic. Hundreds if not thousands of other peoples' reviews deleted in one fell swoop.

Well we changed this today. You can still leave whenever you want, deleting all of your reviews, comments, helpful votes, profile, etc - but from now on, all public weblists and their associated reviews will be relocated to this account should the list's creator choose to leave. This will eliminate the scenario in which a disgruntled member has the power to delete the reviews of others.

Change #2 - As some of you may remember, we have a "User Page Only" status that can be manually applied by admins to Weblists that don't adhere to our guidelines. Typically, this status is only used on lists that are exact duplicates of lits that already exist on the site. This User Page Only hides the list from our main index, and prevents reviews posted from showing up on the recent comments page. Today, we've also hidden these lists from our search results. The idea is to avoid confusion for new users who may see numerous identical lists and listings in the search results.

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