New Item Suggestions Cleaned Out

I'm happy to report that due to the efforts of Jose the Super Intern, we are caught up on new item suggestions for the first time...... well, let's just say for the first time in a long time.

Here's a little refresher as to how we handle new item suggestions for lists:

For the RateItAll and Local lists, we respond to them as quickly as we can get to them.

For Weblists, we try and wait seven days to give the list maker a chance to make a go or no go decision on the suggestion. What this means is that if you suggest a new item for a Weblist - even if the Weblist's owner is not active on the site - it will get responded to in about 7-10 days.

And remember - if you suggest a new item for a list (RateItAll, Weblist, or Local) by clicking the link that says "add a new item to this list" one any list page, you get credit for that page in terms of revenue sharing. This is an extremely powerful way to "claim" important pages of the site that also helps us out a lot as well. For example, if there is a hot new cell phone coming out, why not submit a listing? When everybody wants one of these phones next Christmas, you might have some real earning potential.


  1. Today's hot new cell phone will be several generations in the past by next Christmas. I get the idea though.

  2. You know... that actually crossed my mind as I was posting that?