RateItAll Hall of Fame Link

We've added a HOF link to the main nav bar - you can see it right next to the "about us" link on every page.

This page tracks the top 100 all time reviewers on RateItAll in terms of helpful votes. We've also added columns that show total Funny votes, and total Agree votes.

Couple of things jump out at me:

- Numbah is running away with the funniest reviewer title.
- LadyJesusFan gets an impressive number of "agree" votes
- One of the folks with tons of reviews and not a single "funny" vote is my friend in real life Wiggum. Coincidentally, Wiggum is not very funny in real life either.

Expect to see some changes to the helpful rankings... I'm still working through the best way to deal with some of the helpful vote giving shenanigans that were going on a few months back. The best thing I've been able to come up with is to come up with a cap that represents the most helpful votes that an indvidual could have naturally, and in good faith given to another individuall by this date in time. All votes beyond that number coming from a single individual will be erased.

As always, I don't blame the receivers of unnaturally high levels of votes. It happens, and for the most part, it's out of the person's control. But I will request that for those of you who are determined to manipulate the helpful rankings, without taking into consideration the quality of the post..... please stop. It sort of breaks the game for everybody else.

I don't have a timetable on when this is going to happen.... but it is going to happen.


  1. Ain't it great being lowbrow?

  2. Come on! 98 degrees of crap? That's gold, baby!