Rough Week

RateItAll has had a rough week. We've had a power supply fail, our mail server crash, and a DDOS attack. The site's most important page, the recent comments page, has broken and is taking 10-15 seconds to load. In our efforts to protect ourselves from the bot attack, we accidentally banned our search partner from the site, which broke the search engine. We've had to adjust our firewall to give us more control over who we let into the site, and who we keep out.

And of course, all of these things pale in comparison to what Ridge and Stark are going through.

I feel like we're finally getting things under control. Search is working again, though things that have recently been added to the site will most likely not start showing up in the search engine again. The power supply has been fixed. Our lead developer is working on recoding the recent comments page to make it faster and more stable. I've put in an order for a new mail server which should be up and running early next week.

Hopefully next week will be a better week than this one.


  1. Safe to assume the recent comments issue includes only being able to see the last 100 comments posted rather than all of them?

  2. yep... that's a temporary fix to make the page usable. hopefully when we finish recoding the page, we'll be able to expand that out to the last 1000 or so again.

  3. ah, makes sense. Thanks for letting me know the deal on that